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Types of ‘Yonis’ (Births/Life Forms/Existence)


As per Hindu scriptures, there are three types of Yonis in this creation: Devayoni, Mrityulok Yoni(Like Manushya Yoni) & Guhya Yoni(Apdevata). Dev Yoni is all about knowledge and Future while Guhya Yoni is all about experience/feeling & Past , whereas Manushya Yoni has all of it Past , Present and Future and Knowledge, Experience/Feeling and Karma.

Guhya Yoni (Guhya=Hidden) souls are also called Apadevata(Ap=Fallen, Lower; Devata=Gods). Yaksha, Gandharv, Kinnar and Bhoota,Pret, Pishaach, Betal all fall under Guhya Yoni.

Deva Yoni is all about Sattva Guna( Sattva=Good,Holy , Harmonious qualities like truthfulness, kindness, care about others etc).

While Guhya Yoni has Rajo Guna(Rajo=King like or mixed tendencies of good and Bad) and Tamo Guna(Tamo=Bad, Dark negative qualities).


Bhoota,Pret, Pishaach, Betal are all completely Tamoguni. While Yaksha, Gandharv, Kinnars are all completely Rajoguni.

In Manushya Yoni all three qualities of Sattvagun, Rajogun & Tamogun have their own place in life. Man perform different Karmas using these qualities and thus creates fate for himself further.

There are two paths to approach the Apdevatas. ‘Divyoudh path’ and ‘Mahoudh Path’. Yaksha, Gandharv, Kinnars are approached by Divyoudh path using ‘Savari mantra’ while Bhoota,Pret, Pishaach, Betal, Hakini, Dakini, Shakini are approached by Mahoudh Path using ‘Damari Mantra’ in Tantra.

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