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How to awaken Pranic Body (Pranmay Shareer)


Pranamay Shareer is made from the Air element.

It is very powerful and main responsible for your good health and power. Air God(Pawan Dev) was the God of immense power too. His sons Hanumanji and Bhimsen are the greatest symbols of power.

Also Prana is equal to power or lifeforce in a person. They say, ‘Bahut Jaan ( Pran ) Hai….”

So the Pranmay Shareer is actually main responsible factor behind your health and power. Any good or bad Karma of your previous deeds appear through this Pranmay Shareer only, wether it is a disease or victory over enemies.


An awakened Pranic Shareer will enable the ‘siddhi’ of Sookshm Shareera . With awakened shookshm shareera(Astral body) you can do astral travel and leave your body in full consciousness.

Now Prana is depicted by bright sparkling light particle like sparkle crackers of Diwali.

When somebody falls suddenly or hits his head against something solid then for split second he sees sparkling particle in front of his eyes. People say ” Taare dikhane lage….( I saw stars….)” These sparkling particles are actually your pranic particles.

How to make your Pranic Body Stronger:

To make your Pranic body stronger, you need to increase your Pranic intake. There could be various ways but the best and most powerful method is by visualization while concentrating on breath.

When you breathe in you should imagine a powerful thick beam of continuous stream of sparkling Prana particles going in your breath and spreading around in your whole body.Imagine your entire body is getting cleaned completely with these Pranic particle and getting cleaned up.

When you breath out think that all blackish”Paap karmas” and “Vikars” and Diseases are flushing out with the outgoing breath .

Here the mental visualization and feeling is very important as just one layer fine that Pranmay sharee is Manomay Shareer which is made from Akash(Sky) element, This Aksha element is hundresr of thousands time stronger than Air element made Pranmay Kosha.

So thinking of sparkling Prana particles entering through breath makes sure that actual Prana enters the body. As Prana obey Manomay Shareer Command as it is much more powerful.

Now the Final aim is to Imagine the brightest light form of ourself as Nirakar , endless seamless light as your true Atmaswaropa . This will take you to the level of Karan Shareera, Atma shreera etc and finally Nirakar stage.

This Atmaswaroop is your real state and true Nirakar form.

So the main Aim is to remember the Highest Almighty ‘s Nirakar form , Even Shri Rams’ Nirakar form who is Behad ka Baap and is Nirakara in his true form.

To Charges your Manomay Kosha you need to still your ‘Man'( The mind). Making the ‘Man’ still will charge up your Manomay Kosha. A wandering and tense mind keeps on dissipating energy and makes you weak.

Understand the above example with an analogy. Why you cant charge you Manomay Shareer when mid is not still….Can you charges your mobile if it keeps on moving, you need to keep its still and wehn it is connected with electricity source it is charges. Similarly when your mind is still it gets connected with Infinite source of Almighty and Manomay Kosha is charged.

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