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Poet Iqbal- Writer of ‘Saare Jahan se Achha……’ was actually the reason behind creation of Pakistan


Iqbal- The writer of’ Saare Jahan se Achha Hindostan hamara……’ actually turned Jinnah into a Jihadi

Poet Iqbal wrote famous line… Saare Jahan se Achha Hindustan Hamara….”

Very few people know that this moderate Muslim poet actually became a Muslim fanatic shortly after and instigated Jinnah to demand for separate nation for Muslims.

Iqbal’s ancestors were said to be Brahmans. However his liberal outlook didn’t survive the hate filled teaching of Islam and he himself became a hatefull Muslims.


After partition of India , he settled in Pakistan, a Islamic country which he himself dreamt of and got it created by Jinnah.

Hindus and real liberals of India should know the full history. Hindus easily trust whatever the selective history leftist writers tell them and never try to go deep into the reality.

Iqbal believed that Jinnah wins elections from reserved seats for Muslims in Bombay , but does nothing for Islam.

Iqbal himself also reached the council from Punjab province. Iqbal convinced Jinnah – the time has come to fight for Islam

Iqbal said openly after the elections of 1937- Muslims of Punjab, corners of Gujarat, East Bengal and Sindh should come together and make a Muslim country.

The British never arrested him violent speeches which were main behind many communal riots.
Even after independence, our pseudo seculars keep on praising him without telling the complete truth to public. But things should change now and people must know the truth.

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