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Banaras Hindu University (BHU) -Some interesting Facts


Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is the largest residential university of Asia. Here are some interesting fact about BHU.

Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya established Banaras Hindu University in the year 1916 during British rule in India. he accomplished this feat in spite of all odds faced for the welfare and progress of the country.

Kashi Vishvanth Temple inside BHU

Pandit ji got 1360 acres of Land in donation from the King of Varanasi. This area consisted of 11 villages, 70000 Trees, 120 wells, 900 houses(40 brick houses and 860 mud houses) , one temple and 1 community inn at that time.

Smt Usha Tripathi is a research officer at Malviya center for Ethics and Human values(
मालवीय मूल्य अनुशीलन केन्द्र ). She has collated some very o=interesting facts after research on Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya.

The first conception of Banaras Hindu University was made by King of Drabhanga, Kaameshwar Singh.


Usha Tripathi told that in 1896 Annie Besant had already established Central Hindu School. Annie Besant and King of Drabhanga Kameshwar , jointly dreamt of Banaras Hindu University with Mahamana Malviya. This proposal was brought in front of people for the first time, during the Kumbh Mela in 1905. They weer required to deposit one crore rupees to the government
at that time . Complete money was deposited in 1915.

Five lakh Gayatri Mantras were recited by the Mahamana at the time of ‘Bhumi Pujan’ .

Smt. Usha tells that when Malviya Ji was going to become the third Chancellor of BHU in 1919, some people protested, imagine the irony.

Ariel of a Part of Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

Professor Charles A. King, became the first Head of the Department and Principal of the erstwhile Banaras Engineering College, in IT department of BHU

Malaviya Ji also wanted to open a university like BHU was in Shimla. But even today, his dream is not fulfilled. Darbhanga King Kameshwar wanted this to be a Sanskrit university by the name of ‘Sharada Vidyapeeth’. While Annie Besant wanted it to name it ‘ University of India’.

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