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Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev Temple Varanasi


Tilbhandeshwar Mandir Varanasi, Sonarpura, Kashi

Its is said that God Shiva dwells in every grain of Holy city Kashi. He resides here in many forms . Lord Shiva is the primary deity here and he only ensures the sustenance of the Kashi city dwellers. This love sanctuary of Lord Shiva is replete with miracles. He protects in his Lord Bhairava ​​form, while in one of the Twelve Jyotirlinga Kashi Vishwanath form he grants Salvation with Taarak Mantra.

Along with from these popular forms, there is another form of Mahadeva, which is situated in Sonarpura area in Varanasi. He surprises everyone every year with a unique phenomenon. This Shivaliga is known as Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev. Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev Shivalinga grows around the size of sesame seed every year. A lot of devotees visit Tilabhandeshwar Mahadev in Savan month in rainy season. As Savan is the holy month of Lord Shiva.

The size of Tilbhandeshwar Mahadeva is one of Kashi’s three largest Shivlingas and it is still increasing the size of sesame seed every year. There is very interesting story about this ‘Swayambhu’ ( Appearing all by itself) Shivlinga. Long ago, in ancient times, this area was cultivated with sesame seeds. Suddenly one day a Shivlinga arose arose from the fields of sesame seeds. When the local people saw this Shivling, they started offering sesame seeds on it after worshiping. It is believed that since then, they started calling this Shivalinga ‘Tilabhadeshwar Mahadev‘.

Lord Shiva himself resides in this Shivlinga. During the Muslim rule, attempts were made by Islamists to break the Tilbhandeshwar Mandir at Varanasi also, in the series of destruction of Hindu temples. Muslim rulers sent forces three times to demolish the temple but every time something happened and the soldiers had to retreat in failure.

During British rule in India, once British officers tied the thread around the Shivalinga to verify the size growth of the Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev. The string broke by next day. Since then, faith has grew deeper for this Shivalinga . Baba (Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev ) was growing every year as the time passes. The street is which it is situated has already gone above 25 feet.


Baba Tilbhandeshwar Mandir is an ancient temple situated in Sonarpura area of Varanasi. This temple is situated in the ‘Kedar’ section (Kedar Khand) of Kashi, Baba Tilbhandeshwar has appeared by himself and it grows the size of a sesame seed on the day of ‘Makar Sankranti’ every year. Makar Sankranti usually falls on 13-14 January every year for now.

Devottes offer Bael Leave, Water along with sesame sees Baba. This act removes the ill effect of Saturn and brings happiness to the worshipers. Visiting every day Baba Tilbhandeshwar grants the grace of Mother Annapurna also and it mitigates the sins.

This temple opens at 5 o’clock in the morning and remains open till 9 pm. The sanctum is closed from 1pm to 4pm during the daytime. Aarti is peromed at 6am in the morning everyday. ‘Tilbhandeshwar Math’ is also located within the temple premises. Holy Saints resides in the Matha.

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