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Massacre of Sanyasis and GoSevaks by Indira Gandhi Government on 07 Nov 1966


Tale of a Massacre like jallianwala in Independent India- Anti cow slaughter Agitation Quelling

In 1966, Hindu organizations agitated to demand a ban on the slaughter of cows in India, as enshrined in Art 48 of the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of India. Among others, the Shankaracharya fasted for the cause. 

AMong the most renowned Sanyasis, Karpatri ji Maharaj was a great ascetic . He got his name because of the fact that he used to eat only once in a day and only what he could hold in hand at once. The cause of cow protection was very dear to him. He wanted to stop cow slaughter in India. After death of illustrious Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji, Indira Gandhi stood for the post of Congress President. She was directly in competition of another powerful Congress leader of that time, S. Nijalingappa .

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Mrs Indira Gandhi managed to get the blessing of Karapatri ji Maharaj and Acharya Vinoba Bhave( another prominent social icon).Both were widely renowned and respected by Hindus. Karpatri ji Maharaj told her to stop cow slaughter if she got elected.

After winning the elections she became the Prime Minister of India. Karpatri ji Maharaj approached her and reminded her of her promise to stop cow slaughter. Mrs Gandhi however , heavily influenced and under pressure if leftists did not oblige and kept on dilly dallying on the demand.

Sensing her reluctance Karpatri Ji Maharaj and all Hindu organizations organize large scale protest to bring a bill against cow slaughter in Parliament.

Finally on 7th November 1966, All Hindu organizations encircled on Parliament. The crown consisted of mainly Sanyasis, harmless Men, Women and Children. Sensing that Delhi Police may not take well on shoot at sight orders on Saints, Mrs Gandhi arranged for special forces from J& K.

Veteran journalist Manmohan Sharma ji tells in details how the cod blooded shoot out at innocent Sanyasis, unarmed men a, Women and children was carried out. Some hired goons from Haryana set ablaze few Government properties at Transport Bhawan,Kamraj Nagar Kothi, Gol Post office, Windsor Place & Regal. Shooting was carried out in four-five different places including Patel chowk.

Access to all the places of shoot out was denied to everyone except the forces. People were killed and street were full of their blood and bone marrow was scattered everywhere.

After the massacre Army took over. They took the bodies of injured and dead in four different hospitals. These Hospitals were Williongdon Hospital, Hindurao Hospital, Irwina Hospital & Safdarjung Hospital. All places of shoot out and these hospitals were shut out for general public and and journalist. No one was allowed. However Mr Sharma use done of his contacts and entered ….Hospital. There he found out 472 dead bodies which included large number of women and children as well. He estimates that around 40 children had been killed. Although there were no bullet marks on them but they might have died in the stampede which ensued after shoot out.

At other hospitals his colleagues could not enter and the exact details of the causalities could not be obtained. It is estimated that anywhere between 2000-2500 people were killed during this shoot out. However Government issued a gag order on Press and circulated a figure of 11 only killed in the incident. It may have been old, but the truth should come out. Otherwise if you are opting to shoot out how do you end up only 11 out of 7 Lacs protesters.

Karpatri ji Maharaj carried out the bodied of Sadhus and Gobhakts and was greatly saddened by this incident. Incidentally this day 7th November 1966 was Gopashtami. It is said that Karpatri ji Maharaj cursed Indira Gandhi that she would be killed in same manner on the day of Gopad Ashtami even her lineage would be finished in the same day as well.

Indira Gandhi died on 31 October 1984, on the day of Gopaashtami and by the bullets in same manner Karpatri ji Maharaj predicted. His curse came true or Karma hit back. Whatever happened was certainly was not in the best interest of the country.

The day of death of Mr Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi too incidentally happened on the day of Gopaashtami too.

See the Video for full details:

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