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Urban Jaichands# Barkha Dutt


Following Post has been taken from Francois Gautier. He is an eminent Indologist and journalist. His Facebook page is as follows:

We will expose *Urban Jaichands* one by one. Please make sure you spread it in your circles as much as possible. *It needs to be in neutral fence sitting groups who do not know all this. Else it’ll be an echo chamber again. *

Today’s urban Jaichand – *Barkha Dutt*


1) During the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, Barkha dutt justifies by saying that they stole the jobs of local Kashmiris. As if the Pandits were foreign and not local to the valley.

Video here –…

2) During Kargil war, she carried a satellite phone, which made her location traceable, an Iridium instrument. She was the only journalist with a sat-phone. Even army officers with sat-phones were not present in conflict zones. While reporting on Tiger Hill in darkness, her camera and light flips on,
The Pakistanis spotted the light and had a fix on the location. Five minutes after she left, artillery rains the place leaving an officer and 3 jawans martyred. Barkha is said to have gone live immediately after she was briefed on the progress on Tiger Hills. Pakistanis redirected their fire in direction of Indian soldiers. About 14-20 of our soldiers died on the ropes they were using to climb target.

3) During 2002 Godhra riots, Barkha was in Surat, asked the camera to pan both sides of the street & said into the camera ‘As you can see, there is absolutely no police presence in this area’, during such a charged up and sensitive period! Modi said he confronted her on this & asked ‘What are you trying to do? Are you signalling the rioters to attack that area? Your news broadcast takes less than 30 seconds to reach millions, it takes more than 3 hours for me to mobilise a police force

4) During 26/11 attacks, Barkha was reporting live, giving out crucial info & location of people trapped inside Taj Hotel & talking to her sources inside Home ministry. LeT handlers took note of this, which inturn contributed to atleast some deaths.

5) Did Barkha show way for terrorists to Attack Pampore?

Bcoz few days back she visited Kashmir giving hint on how water can be used for infiltrations. In LoC she questiond BSF jawans regardin their timing &places of patrolling

6) In the ‘Nira Radia’ tapes, Barkha appears to offer to pass messages b/w Ms.Radia,a corporate lobbyist and Cong leader Mr.Azad.They wer facilitating the re-entry of A.Raja into UPA-II cabinet despite serious questions about the 2G scam during UPA-I

And for all her infamous achievements, *Congress honoured her with a Padmashri award in 2008*. Months.

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