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“French Sadhu” Who Has Become A Star Attraction at Kumbh Mela


Maha-Kumbh Mela is one of the biggest gatherings in the world. It sees pilgrims from across the world come and cleanse all their sins at the holy confluence of Ganges, Yamuna , Saraswati at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh.

Seers, ascetics and common people of from India and across the Globe come to Kumbh for spiritual elevation and earn Punya(merits). Foreigners also have been attracted to Hinduism and come participate in Kumbh. One such man is Daniel, a French native, who has been turning heads in Prayagraj for his sadhu (Indian sage) attire.

Daniel, who has converted to Hinduism, is now called Bhagwan Giri  as per his monastic order.

Daniel, a French native, came to India 30 years back in search of peace. During his visit he was first introduced to rich heritage of Indian culture and serenity of Sanatan Dhrama. Soon he came in contact with accomplished Yogis and was mesmerized by the depth of Hinduism. He realized that this was whats he was looking for his whole life. He decided to accept Sanatan Dharma in its best forms and became a Sanyasi. He decided to leave permanent home for once and all, and gave up his flourishing business back home.

Daniel met with  Devagiri Baba Maharaj in Kashi ( Varanasi). Devagiri Baba Maharaj was an accomplished Yogi. He was a Mahant at Anand Akhara (a monastic center). Daniel came to Anand Akahara. He was highly influenced by the rigorous practice of yoga and disciplined daily routine at the Akhada. Daniel accepted Devagiri as his Guru and became a Sanyasi at  Anand Akhara of his Guru.


After receiving initiation in new monastic order, Daniel got new name of Bhagawan Giri as a
Sanyasi .

Since then Daniel has been living in India. He has learnt broken Hindi and likes to communicate in Hindi.

Daniel wears Ochre attire of Sadhus and applies Sandal-turmeric paste on his forehead.

He lives with his fellow Sadhus, who are his Gurubhais, fellow disciples of Devagiri baba Maharaj , Daniel Bhagwan Giri lives a strict disciplined  sadhu way of life (monk-like life). He routine includes
yoga, dhyana(meditation) and bhajan (devotional songs) as confirmed by his Grubhai Lakhsman Giri.

Following the tradition of Sanyasis Daniel has distanced himself from his past completely and doesn’t want to talk about his previous life.

In his interview, Daniel Bhagwan Giri says:

“I love Sanatan Dharma. It’s very peaceful. We believe in one God, there’s only one spirit that has many names,” he told media.

Prem hai toh sab anand hai (if there’s love, there’s joy),” he added.

Daniel’s is popularly known as Daniel Baba. The French Baba will be attending Kumbh Mela this year, spanning across mid January to March.

The Kumbh Mela is held alternately between Prayag, Haridwar, Nashik and Ujjain. However this year 2019 is the ‘Mahakumbh’ which is held every 12 years at Prayagraj.

Kumbh Mela has been inscribed on the UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

News papers and media are trying to sensationalize a foreign origin Sadhu’s presence at Kumbh . However there are many foreigner Sadhus living in India. And this is not a new phenomenon. Read this article….

Many foreigners become Sadhu at the auspicious days in Holy Kumbh mela. Its a tradition which is becoming more popular in recent year. The Foreigner Sadhus go through the same strict discipline as the counterparts of Indian descent.

The “French Baba” will be attending the Kumbh which continues till March.

Interview of Daniel Bhagawan Giri Baba:

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