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Definition Of The Real Guru


Trailanga Swami was  great Yogi who lived for more than 280 years. Most of his life was spent in Varanasi. British officer of Varanasi had many rude shocks from his defiance to for staying bare unclad in public. There are recorded events of these events in British annuls. Trailanga Swami was known for his miracles and his yogic prowess. Oblivious to the ways of world he was a divine child who saw only the divine in everything and thus felt never separate from the almighty. Once a devotee Vijay Krishna Goswami(Later Vijay Krishna Goswami became a great Guru Himself) asked Trailanga Swami,” Maharaj! Have you seen God?”

Definition of the Real Guru

Who is the Real Guru!

Shri Trailanga Swami answered,” If I tell you I have seen God, then you will asked how does she/she looks? You can see God by yourself, this can be done by the grace of Guru only.

Then Goswamiji asked further,” Which Guru will be helpful i this? The one who teaches us in school or the one who gives us Beej Mantra deeksha or any other Guru?

Shiksha Guru & Diksha Guru

Shri Trailanga Swami ji replied, “First understand who is a Guru. The Guru is utmost important for disciple in this world. Guru only is the spiritual parent of this soul. If Lord Shiva gets angry the Guru can still save you . Therefore it is said in our scriptures that Guru only is Brahma, Shiva & Vishnu, the Guru who teaches you how to reach the Parambrahma (The Supreme power) , that Guru should be revered. Guru are of two kinds. One is your regular teaching Gurus (‘Shiksha-Gurus’) who teach you about the worldly subject and sciences. Second kind of Guru is your ‘Deeksha-Guru’ ,who initiates you in spiritual path. Till the time you do not receive the divine knowledge from Guru till that time you do not know the real nature of this world. “


Definition of the Real Guru

Then Shri Trailang Swami Added,

‘The power which ensure the progress of our soul and we advance towards ultimate liberation, that power is our Guru’.

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