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My Experience Of Drinking Onion Banana Juice


My Experience Of Drinking Onion Banana Juice

My Experience Of Drinking Onion Banana Juice

In a Popular television show, Guru Pathik tells Avatar Aang to drink onion banana juice to cleanse his chakras.

“When Aang was training with Pathik, the Guru offered this drink to him as he was about to begin the process of opening his chakras in order to master the Avatar State. When Aang first drank this juice, he was disgusted by the drink and spat it out. However, after successfully opening his air chakra, Aang requested more, despite his initial disgust, supporting the argument that the drink is an acquired taste.

Later, when Aang was in the mire of a daydream before the impending Invasion of the Fire Nation, he saw Pathik drinking onion-banana juice.”

I checked on net but could not find any relevant information about the authenticity of this advice. Some believed  that this was just an interesting trivia which creator added to make the show more funny. While some others said that this was authentic advice and should be followed seriously if your want to cleanse your chakras.

While there are proven health  benefits of Onions and Banana separately & this I was sure of , but not about the concoction of these two mixed together.


However I decided to check it myself. 🙂 

I mixed 3 bananas and a big onion and mixed in blender. I got a thick mix of 2 glasses of juice, as I didn’t not add any water. I gathered the courage and drank the mixture. It tasted  terrible. It felt like eating raw onion while easing it out by having Bananas in between .  The onion I used was extra pungent & pretty strong on my taste buds but banana seemed to be helping out a bit.

I felt uneasy after finishing my glass of juice for sometime.I was shaky for quite sometime around 15 minutes . I was uneasy to even contain in stomach . But I suppressed and waited it out. But after 15 minutes, I started feeling the effect of it. My breathing seemed like opened up. I was breathing more freely. I was feeling good and healthy suddenly. Specially my chest and mind. It felt really good afterwards.

I could easily feel that this drink has certainly underestimated and gives real  health benefits. As of now, I cannot say anything about its effect on Chakras through. But I felt the as if my system was cleansed and I felt more healthy after drinking onion banana juice. The cleansing effect might be because Onion and Bananas both have got high amount of potassium and Potassium is known for its cleansing effect on the human body. It clears blocks and washes the system inside out.

I did not add any other thing apart from onion and bananas to it. No sugar , no salt not oil nothing etc. The mixture seems best when it is only Onion Banana juice and not added anything else or it will become something else.I recommend it for 4 times a week consumption initially. Lets see the results. 🙂

Update added on 2 July 2019:

The Mixture of 3 Bananas and 1 Onion was a little too heavy. I was gaining weight. So I reduced the Bananas to 1 and mixed it with Half onion. It was lower on calories added by Bananas earlier. Also I  reduced the drinking it to 3 times a week. This took care of my weight gain issue. I take it  after my gym workout and it perfectly fits in with the routine.  Experience after drinking it is still the same.  It feels great. I really like the effect, specially the feeling as if my breathing has opened up and the  rejuvenation. It has become my favorite post workout drink now. 

My meditation has become more focused now and I can sit much longer than earlier. Don’t know how much my Chakras have been cleansed but my capacity to meditate is better than earlier for sure. 

Suggestion : If anyone wants they can add a little plain water to it. Especially those who are prone to gain weight.  Smaller quantity but regularly still works great.  You may also change the frequency of drinking it as well to suite your own requirement. 

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12 Comments on “My Experience Of Drinking Onion Banana Juice”

  1. Thank you Mam! Was not aware about this. This inspires me to use this more consistently now.

  2. Thanks for the question Mam. This is normal Banana as used in pic in article. Not Elaichi Banana or any other variety. Just the usual regular yellow Bananas we find at fruit seller in India.

    You may have question about Onion too. Onion used is also a regular red one as shown in artcile picture. Not white or any other onion.

    Neil Damian

  3. No Sir, No side effects, but you need to take this in a limited amount. Excees amount of Bananas may make you fat if you do not exercise enough regularly. I do gym 4 times a week, so it does not cause any obesity to me.

  4. This is so sickkkkk!!! I’ll try this juice tomorrow morning ! Thank you so much !

  5. Hello. Where I’m from the white onion (with yellow-ish skin) is much more common and regular than red. Can i use it instead or do i need to search for red ones?

  6. Sir,

    White or red onion both will be perfectly fine. I have used it both. Not much of difference in effect though.

    Thanks for asking.


  7. Woah, I just had it for the first time and I feel elated! I added milk to it in addition to the onion and banana, still its working wonders.

  8. I’m still looking for the article that confirms that it helps one reach enlightenment XD

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