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Pooja Asanas-Which one to use & Why?


Pooja Asana

Pooja Asanas(Mats/Rugs) are of various types. People use various types of asanas depending on their likeness and requirement. However we should keep few points in mind while using any asana for specific deity specially if you are worshipping for a specific purpose.

The basic usefulness of an asana lies in its ability to act as non-conductor while doing japa, meditation or pooja. It prevents your magnetic and spiritual energy from dissipating in the ground.

If you are doing any Pooja or japa, you should not sit directly on stone or ground without covering it with some kind of asana. If it is wooden surface one should cover it with any woolen cloth or blanket . Otherwise japas performed on these surfaces do not render desired merits.


Asanas can be made of Kusha Grass, Woolen Blanket, Deer Skin, Tiger Skin and Silk.  These asanas are considered good for Japa etc.

Asanas made from cotton, blanket, Tiger skin, Deer skin brings in Siddhis and good luck.

  • Asanas made from Black deer gives knowledge and siddhis.
  • Tiger skin asana helps you attain Moksha & wealth.
  • Banket asanas removes your sorrows.
  • A colorful blanket of many colors helps you attain your wishes.

Forbidden asanas are of bamboo stick, soil, stone, leaves and branches, dung, Palash tree, Peepal  tree . Apart from these if any asana which has iron nails in it should not be used.

  • People who have progeny they should not sit even on deer skin.
  • The asana made of bamboo brings in diseases and poverty.
  • Stone asana brings illness. Asana made from Soil Asana brings miseries.
  • Wooden asana brings misfortune.
  • Asanas made from straws from tree damages reputation.
  • Asanas made from leaves decreases concentration and make you loose focus.

(Tiger & Deer skin was used in old days when plenty of caracasses of naturally dead tigers adn deers were easily found. However ic current times the flora an fauna on earth in very fragile condition and finding naturally deceased animals is next to impossible now. So we do not recommend usage of Tiger and deers skin asanas. Besides these are illegal as well.)

In most of general use any woolen asana will do good for normal poojas. It is non conductor and prevents your magnetic energy from flowing in ground. Also it is smooth and helps you sit longer.

Yellow woolen Asana –

You need to use any Yellow color asana. If it is wollen it is better. We have found out a right kind of asana for you after checking various asanas on internet. Th advantage is that since it is yellow colored along with Pooja and japa in Bagalamukhi sadhana it can also be used in almost all Sattvic and Vaishnav related poojas and japas.

Red woolen Asana –

Red woolen Asana helps you in attaining desires of object. All other benefits are same as of any woolen asana.

White woolen Asana –

This is used in sattvic sadhana and can be used fro daily pooja as well.

Black woolen Asana –

Black woolen asana is used for Tamoguni(dark occult practices) sadhana or deities which are aggressive and violent. One should not use black in normal pooja and japas.’Please note the tamoguni sadhanas are also performed for good purposes.

Kush Asana-

This is very effective asna and can be easily found in every rural part of India. It is made from Kusha grass. It is considered so pure that even after various pooja karmas it is sill considered pure and can be used and reused again and again. Abundantly available it is easy to buy in rural areas while in cities it will on premium. While in forests the Yogis make this by themselves. The Kusha asana has a purifying effect on all pooja articles especially on water used during pooja. This is why it is considered one of the best to be used as asana to sit upon and performs japa & pooja.


Silk Asana-

Silk asana mitigates and gets rid  of your diseases. Silk is non conductor and considered goods even after several usage as well.


We have searched internet and got  some recommendations for you based on the matching specification and user feedback on thes products. This would help you to make the right choice for your Pooja Asana:

From US: 

Pure Wool and Silk Meditation Mats ( Asana ) :

Click on the pic to see full description of product –

This asan is handmade in Pure Wool and Silk. Thus it gives you advantage of all advantages of wool as well the disease destroying properties of silk asanas as well.  The color of Asan is largely white and red on edges thus can be used for all Sattvic poojas and red color also helps you to focus more on your goals.

This asana is  claimed to be Eco Friendly and Carbon Neutral as well.

This can be used for all your daily pooja , japas , meditation and prayers:

While selecting the above product we came across velvet mats and different colored mats as well. However either they were inferior quality products or with too  many mixed color, which are good for decoration purposes but may not be best for meditation and japas. One such products was Tiger shaped woolen mat. A fancy item but it will give advantage of woolen mat but certainly not of tiger skin mat. If you use plain yellow woolen mat than that it would be better.  We are just giving the link here for  reference .



Asanas From India:

We have got more varieties of Asana in India than in US. Naturally being the native place of Asana manufacturing units.

1. Red & White Meditation Cushioned Asana ( Seat ), in Pure Wool

This is the ame asana which is being sold in US by the same seller. All advantages are same as above. Albeit the prices may be to steep for some consumers. But Quality is definitely good of this product.

Click on the pic to see full description of product –

2. 100% Pure Woolen Red Puja Mat Aasan Handmade ( 63 by 53 cm)-

This is a woolen asana and easy on pocket. This asana has 4 out of 5 stars on Amazona and is value for money product. It can work for all sattvic amd rajasic poojas and red color helps to get the things of desire.

Click on the pic to see full description of product –

3. Kusha Grass (Dharba)  Meditation Mat – (14.43 inches x 17.55 inches)

This Kusha asana is made from Kusha grass the best material for Asana.  Its soothing to eyes as well. Usually the finish of Kusha Asanas are not good but here they have done it well.  This asana is economical as well. However sitting on Kush Aasana for long could be difficult for some people though.

Click on the pic to see full description of product –




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