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Holy water for Pooja-Sapt Nadi Jal


Holy water for Pooja- Sapt Nadi Jal

गंगे! च यमुने! चैव गोदावरी! सरस्वति!
नर्मदे! सिन्धु! कावेरि! जलेSस्मिन् सन्निधिं कुरु।।

There is great importance given to seven rivers in Hindu scriptures. These are called Sapt-Sindhu or Sapt-Nadi. The water from these seven holy rivers is considered most auspicious for pooja and all other religious ceremonies in Hindu culture. If the water cannot be sourced from all these seven rivers the only Ganges water will  suffice for all procedures. These seven holy  rivers are namely, Ganges, Yamuna, Saraswati, Sindhu, Narmada, Godavari & Kaveri.

We are trying to brief the importance of these rivers below:


The bathing and Tarpan in the water of Ganges, Saraswati & Narmada gives equal merit as per puranas.

If the person bathes in Narmada waters and stays there keeping full fast for day and night. He can even get rid of sin of murder of Brahmana. Such is the glory of water of Narmada.Narmada river has emerged from the Lord Shiva himself.

Ganges is said to be more meritorious in Kanakhal (Near Haridwar) & Saraswati in Kurukshetra bt Narmada is said to be always purest everywhere in villages or forests.

Saraswat water purifies you in 3 days, Yamuna takes 7 days, Ganges water purifies upon immediate contact but Water of narmada purifies just by looking it it. Such us glory sadi of Narmada water in Puranas.

Godavari water is pure. If person bathes in it and offers tarpan to his ancestors & Gods here , His sins are destroyed and he beget the merits of donating thousand cows.

Kaveri river is an embodiment of good merits. If the person bathes in Kaveri,  does tarpana and keeps fast for 1 or 3 nights , he becomes free from his sins.

River Sindhu is central to idea of Aryavart and considered very sacred. Originated from glacier near mount Kailash, the water from Sindhu is extremely pure.

The importance and glory of Ganges cannot be said enough by anyone. Ganges has originated from the Kamandalu of Lord Brahma, washed the feet of lord Vishnu and is held by Lord Shiva. Ganges purifies humans on earth, she purifies Nagas in Patal and Devas in celestias word.That’s why it is called Tripathaga ( Following three paths at same time.).



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This water is from the origin source of Ganges river, called Gangotri . Directly appearing from Gangotri glacier for the first time. So this is the purest Ganges water you can have with all its goodness and divines qualities.

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