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Chaitra Krishna-Papamochani Ekadashi: चैत्र कृष्ण-पापमोचनी एकादशी


Chaitra Krishna  Ekadashi- Papamochini Ekadashi

Story & Importance
चैत्र कृष्ण एकादशी- पापमोचनी एकादशी कथा और महात्म्य

Dharmraj Yudhishthir said,” O Lord! You have told us about the Falgun shukl Ekadashi’s significance. Now kindly tell us about he Chaitra krishna ekadashi. What is it’s name? who is the presiding deity of this Ekadashi and what is the procedure of observing this ekadashi?

Bhagwan Shri Krishna said,” O King! ONe King Mandhata asked the same question to Rishi Lomash. Whatever Lomash Rishi said to King Mandhata , I will tell you the same.

KIng Mandhata had keen interest in the occult and secret truths of dharma and asked Rishi Lomash,” O Mahatman! How is it possible to get obliterates the sins of mankind.”Rishi Lomash answered,” O King Mandhata! You already know the importance of Ekadashi vrata. Of all Ekadashis, Papamochini ekadashi is all powerful  and can obliterate sins like no other vrata can do. Now I will tell you a story about Papamochini Ekadashi.”

Once upon a time on olden days, Lord of wealth Kuber had a beautiful forest called Chaitraratha. The beautiful celestial Gandharva girls used to play with Kinnar boys in that forest. It was always the spring season in that forest. The beautiful forest was always laden with beautiful and fragrant  flowers . Many sages used to do penance in that forest. Indra , the lord of demi-gods used to come with his friends and ministers during the months of Chaitra and Viashakh to play games and enjoy the heavenly beauty of nature in Chaitraratha forest. That forest was the playground for Lord Indra. There used to live a great sage nearby. His name was Medhavi. Rishi Medhavi was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

A beautiful celestial maiden named as Manjughosha was attracted to Rishi Medhavi. She decided to draw his attention towards her she started playing musical instrument,  Veena nearby Rishi Medhavi’s hermitage. The Lord of love & lust, Lord Kamdev also assisted her and made the entire ambience even more enchanting. He filled the air with beautiful fragrance, mellifluous breeze started flowing slowly and thus assisted Manjughosha to help fulfill her desire. Lord Kamadeva used the eyebrows of Manjughosha as bow, her loving glances as the string, her eyes as the  powerful elasticity of the bow, her beautiful breast as the arrow and Manjughosha as the leader of this entire army of seduction.

Lord Kamdev took his other celestial nymphs too with him and readied his five arrows(Manmohan, Santapan etc)  of  enchantment.  With such powerful help from Lord of Love himself, Manjughosha was soon able to fulfill her desire.

Medhavi Rishi was also a good looking young man , just stepping on his youthful age, handsome  and strong at that time.He was wearing the Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) and staff (dand)as the symbol of celibacy. He aura was filled with the tejas of celibacy and his charm was unstoppable for Manjughosha. Manjughosha was bewitched  by the charms of such handsome , charming celibate. She tried to seduce Rishi by her mellifluous singing , beautiful dance, her beautiful ornaments earrings, nupurs and her heavenly beauty. This went on  for quite a while and finally Rishi Medhavi lost the battle of will. Rishi Medhavi  forgot the dhyana of Lord SHiva  and fell for Manjughosha. Rishi started  living with Manjughosha. He became so lustful tha he forgot all his penance and sacrifice and even lost the sense of day and night. A lot of time passed like this. Then one day Manjughosha told Rishi Medhavi,” My beloved! It has been very long since I have been with you. Now allow me to return to my heavenly abode once again.”

Muni was shocked to hear such words from his love Manjughosha. He replied,” You have come just today in evening only. Please go in morning. Its been a very short time only now, please stay for some more time. Manjughosha stayed for some more time upon Muni Medhavi’s request. Then she again asked of Muni’s leave after sometime, then muni said, this has been only the midnight til now , please go in morning only, as I requested you earlier. The nymph Manjughosha realised the Muni was not aware of time lapsed ; she said,” My Lord, many years have lapsed since I came here,”

Muni Medhavi came to his senses hearing upon Manjughosha’s word and started counting the time spent with her. He realised that he had spent 57 years, 9 months and 3 days with Manjughosha till now. Rishi felt betrayed and was shocked to realise the loss of hard earned merits of his arduous penance. Now he started seeing Manjughosha as death to all his good deeds. He was rage knew no limits now. His eyes became red with anger. He told Manjughosha, ” You have connived with me and have destroyed my hard earned merits of penance.  I have lost everything I earned. You have ditched me, backstabbed me by undoing my penance and ripped me of all my divine tapas power. You have committed a great sin and indulged me in this as well .You have acted like a Pishacha , therefore I curse you to become a pishachini now.”

Manjughosha instantly became a dreadful looking , Pishachini due to the curse of Medhavi rishi. However she immediately  asked for  forgiveness from Rishi,” My Lord, I have stayed with you for so long. Please do not be so harsh to me. I did not mean to do this. Kindly tell me the way to end this curse please.”

Rishi has been with Manjughosha for very long and was attached to her as well. He could not ignore the help request by the her and said,”You  have been extremely cunning and wicked to me , but still I will tell you the way  to get rid of my curse . The ekadashi falling in the dark fortnight of Chaitra month is called Papamochini (Papa=Sin. Mochini= one which relives) . If you observe this Papamochini vrata you will get rid of your pishacha body and you will get you celestial form again. “

Dejected and devastated, Rishi Medhavi left from there and went to  his father Chyavan Rishi’s hermitage. Chyavan rishi saw his lackluster  son and asked ,” My dear Son, What have done that you seem to have lost all you penance prowess, luster and lost all your great merits.”

Medhavi Rishi answered,” O Father! Yes , I have sinned . I have lost many years lusting after a celestial nymph ad have lots all my powers now. Kindly te me rid of thishenous sin now. Then Chyavan Rishi said, ” My beloved Son, The Papamochini ekadashi of Chaitra month is the destroyer of all kinds of sins. If you observe the Papamochini ekadashi vrata you will get rid of your sins too. Therefore you should observe the Papamochini ekadashi vrata, with full faith.”

Rishi Medhavi observed the Papamochini ekadashi vrata as per the instruction of his father and got rid of all sins because of the powerful merits earned from vrata. Manjughosha also observed Papamochini ekadashi vrat and got rid of her sins. She got rid of her pishacha body and took her beautiful heavenly form again and returned to her celestial abode.

Lomash Rishi said,” O King Mandhata! It is evident and very clear from the story that all kinds of sins get annulled by observing Papaamochini  ekadashi. Anyone who reads of listens this story he gets the merits of donating thousand cows.  The observance of Papamochini Ekadashi vrata annuls the sin of murder of  a Brahaman, abortion, murder of children, alcohol  drinking ad adultery etc. The observer finally attains a place in the heaven after death.

Years & Dates of this Ekadashi:

Date in 2018 – 13 March 2018, Day- Tuesday|| Nakshatra-  Uttara Ashadha|| Chandra- Capricorn(Makar)

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  Paush Shukla Paksha/पौष शुक्ल पक्षPutrada Ekadashi /पुत्रदा एकादशी
 Magh Krishna Paksha/माघ कृष्ण पक्षShattila Ekadashi /षटतिला एकादशी
Magh Shukla Paksha/माघ शुक्ल पक्षJaya Ekadashi /जया एकादशी
Falgun Krishna Paksha/ फाल्गुन कृष्ण पक्षVijaya Ekadashi/विजया एकादशी
 Falgun Shukla Paksha/फाल्गुन शुक्ल पक्षAmalaki Ekadashi /आमलकी एकादशी
Chaitra Krishna Paksha/चैत्र कृष्ण पक्षPapmochani Ekadashi /पापमोचनी एकादशी
Chaitra Shukla Paksha/चैत्र शुक्ल पक्षKamada Ekadashi /कामदा एकादशी
Vaishakh Krishna Paksha/वैशाख कृष्ण पक्षVaruthini Ekadashi/ वरुथिनी एकादशी
Vaishakh Shukla Paksha/वैशाख शुक्ल पक्षMohini Ekadashi/मोहिनी एकादशी
Jyesth Krishna Paksha/ज्येष्ठ कृष्ण पक्षApara Ekadashi /अपरा एकादशी
Jyesth Shukla Pakhsa/ज्येष्ठ शुक्ल पक्षNirjala Ekadashi /निर्जला एकादशी
Ashadh Krishna Paksha/आषाढ़ कृष्ण पक्षYogini Ekadashi/योगिनी एकादशी
Ashadh Shukla Paksha/आषाढ़ शुक्ल पक्षDevshayani Ekadashi / देवशयनी एकादशी
Shravan Krishna Paksha/श्रवण कृष्ण पक्षKamika Ekadashi / कामिका-कामदा एकादशी
Shravan Shukla Paksha/श्रवण शुक्ल पक्ष Shravana Putrada Ekadashi /श्रावण पुत्रदा एकादशी
  Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha/भाद्रपद कृष्ण पक्ष Aja Ekadashi /अजा एकादशी
Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha /भाद्रपद शुक्ल पक्ष Parivartini-Parsva Ekadashi /परिवर्तिनी-पार्श्व एकादशी
Ashwin Krishna Paksha/आश्विन कृष्ण पक्षIndira Ekadashi/इंदिरा एकादशी
Ashwin Shukla Paksha/ आश्विन शुक्ल पक्ष Papankusha Ekadashi  /पापांकुशा एकादशी
 Kartik Krishna Paksha /कार्तिक कृष्ण पक्षRama Ekadashi /रमा एकादशी
 Kartik Shukla Paksha/कार्तिक शुक्ल पक्षDev Prabodhini Ekadashi  /देव प्रबोधिनी एकादशी
Adhikmas Krishna Paksha/अधिकमास कृष्ण पक्षParama Ekadashi /परमा एकादशी
 Adhikmas Shukla Paksha/अधिकमास शुक्ल पक्ष Padmini Ekadashi/पद्मिनी एकादशी
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