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Proof of the change that UP CM Yogi Adityanath has brought


People are asking what difference Yogi has made in Uttar Pradesh. Everyone who is from that region of the country knows very well the corruption and the illegal mining of sand from Ganges. I had been to that area and since I have relatives in there, I am well aware about the deep root of the illegal sand mining and menace associated with it. The sand mining mafia and some corrupt Government officials had made the lives hell for local people for years. However with the newly elected Uttar Pradesh CM , Adityanath Yogi, things seem to have turn for better now.

Current Chief minister of U.P., Shri  Yogi Adityanath is known for his tough anti-corruption stand  anti-mafia stand. He has been recently in news for quick encounters of dreaded criminals. This has instilled the fear in many crime lords and many have either gone underground or have stopped illegal activities for now. I found an article on conveying the similar message on the blogs of one of the Senior retired government official (Mr. Gyandutt Pandey) who is residing in the same area. Here is the his blog.  Mr Pandey’s writing style is interesting and he writes a lot about the local stuff an day today life in his blog. You might find him interesting though.

Hope this positive in UP administration is continuous and unimpeded.

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