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Ahmedabad used bike market


Ahmedabad used Bike market is concentrated in different pockets. Good thing is that you find these pockets in various equidistant parts of the city. This means that you don’t have to go from one part of city across to opposite  side.

Dariyapur Market:

The main pre-owned bike market of Ahmedabad city is near  Kalupur market & Railway station, in Dariyapur. You will find the cream of the used bike market dealers sitting here. You will find here, more variety of all kinds of use two wheelers than in any other part of the city.

 Shops to visit in Dariyapur:

  • Jagdambe auto: The owner Mr. Mukesh is customer friendly. They have all kind of bikes, primarily in non premium category.
  • Jolly Auto : They have all non gear bikes. They have got large inventory and a rather professional ambiance as compared to usual used bike shops.
  • Alka Auto: They provided you Bike insurance both Third party & First Party at very cheap costs as they have their own agency from the  insurance company.
  • Kishan Auto: They provide you Road side assistance for your bikes. Chirag also deals into premium bikes above 200 cc.
  • Mast Auto: They have good quality of Honda Activas and are courteous dealers.



Mirzapur Market:

There are few shops here. Although there seems to be space crunch for the bikes, you may find some your used bike here.

Shop to look for:

  • Navrang Auto: Lukman. They deal into premium bikes. However the shop is in a corner and you can feel the crunch of space.But the owner Lukman is courteous with his customers which makes up fro th rest of the drawbacks.

Khanpur Market:

There are couple of used bike showrooms here.

Shops to look for:

  • Apex auto: They have hove probably the biggest space advantage and have huge range of bikes available. You can find all kinds of vehicle and they are very professional in dealing with their customers.
  • & Ideal Power: They have got huge range of used bikes. You may get here some very unique kind of vehicles.

Navrangpura Market:

Shops to look for:

  • Shyam Auto: They have got decent space to accommodate their customers and good quality of bikes. They deal into all kind of bikes and are very courteous to their buyers.
  • Ashok Auto: Used bike shop . Known guys for bike service as well.


Rakhiyal Market : 

There are quite a few dealers here. Around 10-15 shops are open on a single road here.

Shop to look for:

  • Chirag Auto: Imran is customer-centric guy and has got good sourcing of the bikes.


Saijpur Bogha Market :

This is another big market for used bikes .Around 15-20 shops are in this area.

Shops to look for:

  • Hari Om Auto: They have got good numbers of good quality Activas and other used bikes.
  • Om mangalam: Harshit is the owner of the shop . they have got Honda and all kinds of used bikes.


Apart from this you will also find dealers in Ghatlodiya, Naroda, Vasna. Super Bike lovers can get in touch with Neel Modi of Sports bike plaza.


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