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Father kills puncture shop worker Dilshad Hussain for abducting, raping his minor daughter


Dilshad Hussain (25) used to run a puncture repair shop in front of a retired BSF soldier Bhagwat Nishad’s house in Gorakhpur.

In Feb 2020 Dilshad allegedly kidnapped Bhagwat’s minor daughter and took her to Telangana where she was allegedly raped. A month later, police arrested Dilshad in Hyderabad and rescued the minor girl. Case of kidnapping and rape was filed under POCSO Act by the police.

Dilshad was sent to jail from where he was released on bail. Yesterday Bhagwat Nishad shot Dilshad dead with his licensed weapon at the gate of civil court complex, almost two years later since the day of his daughter’s kidnap.

I have my opinion on this case and it is that a child rap!st given bail is horrendous miscarriage of justice.
It was simply a father deciding that he will rather spend his life in jail than let her precious one again be violated and probably murdered by the rapist.

So he took the Faustian bargain as he was a trained soldier and he decided to sacrifice his freedom and life for his daughters. He knew his action of killing even a ch!ld rapist will make him spend his almost entire life in jail but he choose that. One thing is there, fellow prisoners will treat him like a superhero..


Law will punish him, Same law which gives bail to POCSO accused and when Rap!sts out on parole or bail kill the victim or her family members, keeps giving gyaan on how Bail is a right, merit doesn’t matter, dysentery is safety valve, being Member of ISIS doesn’t mean one is member of ISIS, blah blah blah..

If Judiciary worked in our country, our GDP would have added 2% extra growth every year, few millions would have not been rendered destitute and people like Dilshad won’t have had guts to rape children or Franco and his acolytes to victim shame a nun.

Do you remember judgement where it was said molesting someone with clothes on is not molestation, forced oral sex is not very severe crime and Tejpal who himself confessed to rap!ng with a typical woke gyaandu letter of “Penance that lacerates” was set free for lack of evidence. Isn’t that hilarious that his own confession was disregarded..

You give parole to a heinous rap!st, he is very likely to come after victim or her family or witness.
One needs to have just basic common sense to understand that. You run fast track courts or stop holidaying 100 days a year and decide the case. You give bail to dangerous criminals because you want to not decide on a case and enjoy those summer holidays in Shimla for which you even forced govt to open a loss making dangerous airport there.

By Rajesh Patil

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