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Ancient Temples in Delhi: Tapas by Sanyasis enhances the spiritual energy of Peethas


The Temples in the North of India were destroyed by Muslim Invaders especially in Delhi which was the Capital for most of these rulers which is why one does not see any large Ancient Temples in Delhi. Those temples that were small survived but many of them are valuable. There is the YogMaya Temple in Hauz Khas village. I was told by a senior Sannyasi, Swami Tarkeshwaranand Tirth who is now no more, that this Temple is a Shaktipeeth. On visiting this Temple, I found that it was in a bad condition and also there wasn’t any strong spiritual energy as can normally be experienced in any Shaktipeeth. There is also the Kalka Devi Mandir (Kalka ji) in South Delhi which has a good energy, similarly there is the Sheetla Mata Mandir in Gurugram which is also alive. Apart from this there are two Bhairav Temples that are well maintained and the Hanuman Temple in CP. I’m sure there must be many more Temples in Delhi that are old and have a long history plus the spiritual energy, that I am unaware of.

Certainly, Temples do make for living spiritual centers that connect us with our spiritual tradition as well as our past and it that sense can be considered as a Memorial. However, a Memorial reminds one of something by gone whereas here the tradition in alive and in continuance to this day.
When a Temple is maintained properly, prayers and anushthans are conducted regularly, then the energy is maintained. Only by learning a language (Sanskrit) without actually doing regular spiritual practices, the Hindu tradition cannot be preserved. These days both Brahmins (practising) and Sannyasis are reducing in numbers. I am personally aware of some great masters who do not have any shishyas.

Earlier it was not uncommon for a senior Sannyasi to ask another Sannyasi to go and do Tapasya in a certain Temple with the sole objective of making the place alive again or for rejuvenating the energy. With decreasing numbers and lack of safety this tradition will suffer enormously.
Hindus should make a conscious effort to ensure that proper prayer is performed in Temples and that some people can stop there for a couple of months to conduct an Anushthan.

By Swami Muktanand Puri



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