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Real reason why cow rearing is advised in Hindu culture


Real reason why cow rearing is advised in Hindu culture

Cow is considered holy in Hinduism. There are various obvious reasons for its usefulness. In our Indian villages its is a tradition to keep a cow at home. Although its is no longer the case in villages now a days as most older generation has already left and younger generations has moved mostly to cities. These who are left now also not taking that interest in maintaining older traditions.

What people have forgotten that co w doe not only give milk but also protect your from unseen dangers. The below video shows this truth in an incident where a dead cow’s soul appears on a person and tells how it protected him from all dangers. This video is shot in Karoli Sarakaar Kanpur dham. This place is famous for relieving people from paranormal afflictions .

Here the person was targeted by his enemies who were his own blood relatives who were jealous of him and did black magic tantra on him to destroy him. The Cow took all the evil tantra on herself and protected his owner and his family from all the ill effects. She died in the process and could not be freed from ill effect of tantra even after her death. Even then she kept on protecting her owner.

Here she is requesting Karoli Sarkar to take all the evil effects on herself before getting liberation from her current form of a ghost. She loves her owner and his family a lot. This show that cow is not only the milk giver but she also has the love and affection of a mother towards her owner family. May be this is the reason why we call the cow a mother ‘Gau Mata’.

Only a mother can think so selflessly like this. If you have a family and keep a cow at home then you have one more family member and if you don’t have any then adopt a cow and get a unconditional motherly love from her. Either ways rearing a cow is always a great blessing for anyone. This is why cow was central part of life in every Hindu household. Time is very near when people will realise the importance of cows once again. Some people leave their cow once they stop giving milk. It should not happened like this. Even though she is not able to give you milk any longer she is still protecting you from a lot on unseen miseries which you cannot even think of.


This was the reason why cow is worshipped like a mother in our Hindu culture.

It is also said that Cow and Brahmans are akin to the part for lord Vishnu’s divine body only. Even if your cow stops giving milk please do not abandon her or sell her because after selling its mostly ends up with butchers only. If you protect cows it gives you immense great merits and keeps on protecting you for life.

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