June 2, 2023

Oriental Pied Hornbills(कठफोड़वा) in Rishikesh


Oriental Pied Hornbills(कठफोड़वा) in Rishikesh, Himalaya.


Oriental Pied Hornbills(कठफोड़वा) in Rishikesh, Himalaya.

Oriental Pied Hornbills seen at Himalayan Hermitage of Swami Bodhichitanand Saraswati in Rishikesh, Himalaya.

Shared by Swami Bodhichitanand Saraswati. He said :

My friends, Oriental Pied Hornbills, often come mornings to my window, next to where i sit, and peck on the glass, obviously seeing their reflection.

Date on : 27 August 2020

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Oriental Pied Hornbills -Pic 1

Oriental Pied Hornbills – Pic 2

Oriental Pied Hornbills- Pic 3

Oriental Pied Hornbills Pic 4
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