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Himalayan Orchid Harjoran seen in Rishikesh


Himalayan Orchid Harjoran (हड़जोजन)

Beautiful Himalayan Orchid Harjoran was seen growing on side of another tree. The image was shot on 16 July 2020 in Rishikesh Himalaya by Swami Bodhichitananda Saraswati.

This herb is Himalayan drug named in local language, Harjozan, it means plastering break or fractured boons. It is used for plastering fracture.

The  plant (Harjozan-हड़जोजन)is a parasite and grow on the branches of trees in forests. It may also grow on other plants like on the branches of Banjh(Oak)tree. After grinding the finger type leaves of Harajozan you will find a vain like threads. If you find these vain like structure after grinding, you can be sure that this plant is indeed Harjozan. This is a way to test this plant.

Himalayan Orchid 16 july 2020 Rishikesh Himalaya shared by Swami Bodhichitanand Saraswati.


Himalayan Orchid Harjozan (हड़जोजन):

Himalayan Orchid shot on 16 july 2020 in Rishikesh Himalaya

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