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Badluram ka Badan – Assam regiment


India under British rule fought many wars with external forces before we achieved independence in 1947. Before independence, the Indian Army was the British Indian Army and fought on behalf of the British. However, despite this their aim was to protect Mother India. Thousands of Indian soldiers were martyred in these wars fought for protecting country’s borders.

Rifleman Badluram did not just fight for the country while alive, but continued to help his fellow armymen even after his martyrdom. He was born on 13 January 1876 and martyred on 23 September 1918. Born in Rohtak’s Gubana, Badluram’s original name was Badlu Singh and he was a ‘Risaladar’ in the 14th Murray Jaat Lancers in the British Indian Army.

How BadluRam became so important for his regiment:

Badluram was an Indian soldier of British India who was fought the Japanese army during the first world war. Baduram was martyred during that war. Call it a mistake or coincidence that after the martyrdom of Badluram, the Quarter master forgot to remove his name in the list and could not even inform the army about it. Because of this Badaluram’s ration kept on coming and gathering for the next several months. During this time, the Japanese army cut off the supply line and the Indian soldiers and they stopped receiving ration.

At this time, the ration accumulated for Rifleman Badluram was already available there which saved the entire army division. Later on British Indian Army established connection with them and resumed supply of ration.It was due to this additional ration of Badluram, the soldiers survived and stayed alive. This proved to be be decisive factors in the war. Even after achieving martyrdom for himself, Badluram remained a helper to his regiment. After this, the Assam Regiment composed a song in memory of the same Rifleman Badluram which is still the marching song of this regiment. The song has been sung for the last 70 years. Hear out this fabulous song.


The song composed by  Major M. T. Proktor created the song in honour of Rifleman Badluram and became its marching song and is still sung today. May be someone can also explain why Badluram was buried not cremated in spite of being Hindu and hallelujah is sung in the song meant for his honour. Barring the religious transgressions of this song , it indeed is a good song and Badluram deserves the applaud and the great Karma he earned by arranging food for his fellow brother even after his martyrdom.

Lyrics of Badluram ka Badan :

Ek khubsurat ladki thi…
Usko dekh ke rifleman…
Chindi khichna bhul gaya…
Havaldar Major dekh liya…
Usko pittu lagaya…
Badluram ek sipahi thaa…
Japan war me mar gaya…
Quarter Master smart thaa…
Usney ration nikala…
Badluram ka badan zamin ke nichey hain
Badluram ka badan zamin ke nichey hain
Badluram ka badan zamin ke nichey hain
Toh humein uska ration milta hain…
Sabashh… hallelujah…
Sabashh… hallelujah
Sabashh… hallelujah
Toh humein uska ration milta hain

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