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Aum = Infinity: Mantrascope to SEE Ancient Mantras


We chant mantras and hope for the best effects for us. But have you ever thought if we can we see the shape produced by mantra sound? Praveen Mohan has made an interesting device which can show the shapes produced by the sounds of mantras.

His device uses a hollow pipe which is open from one end and covered with latex on the other side.

Open end of the pipe is used for making the sound of mantra. The latex covered side has a mirror placed in the middle of the aperture. A laser beam torch placed at some distance in front of the mirror side. Laser beam pointer is adjusted to the middle of mirror . The pointer of laser beam is reflected by the mirror which is further projected on the screen. This is the basic set up of the device.

Now when the mantra is uttered in the pipe it reverberates and the latex cover on opposite end responds to the vibrations of the sound. The mirror on the latex also vibrates and hence the laser light dot on screen also moves according to the sound of the mantra.

Praveen chanted first ‘Shreem’ mantra, which is the mantra of Goddess Lakshmi and found out some interesting inexplicable pattern on screen However when he tried sacred Om Syllable mantra, he could clearly see the sign of Infinity on screen.

It was an interesting for uas well as the shape came up quite clear in slow motion. Watch this in more detail in the video given below.

Praveen has named his device ‘Mantrascope’. Seems Praveen project is crowd funded and he is still working to improve his design. There is a lot of scope of improvement on this prototype devices and Praveen is working on them with his colleague. We hope to see a refined and more precise version of the ‘Mantrascope’ very soon.

Praveen Mohan published this on Jun 4, 2020 on his youtube channel . He has received more than 2.3 Lakh views till now.

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