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Effect of Mustard Oil in Nose : My Own Experience


When Akshay Kumar took the interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2019. Many new facets of PM’s personality were revealed. Akshay Kumar asked What do you do when you have a cough and cold or fever? Modiji astonished everyone by replying that he uses an age-old village home remedy to protect him from minor ailments. He revealed that he uses a few drops of lukewarm Mustard oil in his nose at night which protects him from all the minor ailments like cold flue and mild fever.

During our childhood, when we were young, in my village my grandmother used to put mustard oil drops in our nose every night. While my grandfather and uncles seemed used to take it easy, we children used to run away from this thing always. We never liked the pungent feeling of mustard oil seeping through our nostrils. While I tried it for few times my other cousins were always reluctant to try this remedy.

That time we were children, we didn’t realize the true healing potential of this simple home remedy. Our bodies were young, vibrant, vivacious and disease-free. So the application of this simple home remedy was merely a fun screaming time for us.

Now the decades have passed, today may parents, uncle aunts have become grand parents themselves. I noticed my uncle using this home remedy after so many years today. I decided to try it today on myself as well after a long-long time again.

Today, I put a few drops of slightly warm mustard oil in my nose again… God, had forgotten how nasty the sensation could be. It was a pungent feel just transmitted across my nasal passage to my forehead and to my eardrums. It was difficult o bear it. Tears rolled out in abundance from my eye corners automatically, kind of it was just a natural reaction to the pungent sensation of mustard oil in my nasal passage. I just held on as I knew that if I could face it in my childhood, I could do it even now.


The nasty feeling remained for a few minutes, 3-4 minutes. I held on my nerves and restrained myself from washing my nose to get rid of this nasty sensation. The feeling subsided after a few minutes. hen I could feel the freshness like waking in fresh morning air after a good night’s sleep. My breath felt rejuvenated, my blocked nasal passage opened up and I was breathing freely now.

The strain from the eyes was felt gone for some time. I wear specs and eyes fell strained if I do not use glasses for some time. But with the use of a few drops of mustard oil I felt the strain lessened considerably over my eyelids.

My grandma used to count many benefits of using this simple home remedy.

  1. She said that it builds up our immunity power.
  2. It preserves the eyesight powers. If you use this home remedy regularly your eyesight power will remain intact and you will never have to wear glasses.
  3. It saves you from cold cough and common small ailments.

Apart from this, I feel that this could have the following effects as well. The nasal passage leads to Ajna Kshetra and hence the use of this simple home remedy will have some impact on Ajna chakra as well. That could be the reason behind all the benefic effects stated above.

Well, I have started trying it out every day. will keep on posting the effect after some time.

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