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The Self- Chandogya Upanishad


“When the person in the eye resides in the body,
he resides where the organ of sight
has entered into the Akasa (i.e. the pupil of the eye);
the eye is the instrument of seeing.

He who is aware of the thought:
‘Let me smell this,’ he is the Self;
the nose is the instrument of smelling.

He who is aware of the thought:
‘Let me speak,’ he is the Self;
the tongue is the instrument of speaking.

He who is aware of the thought:
‘Let me hear,’ he is the Self;
the ear is the instrument of hearing.

“He who is aware of the thought:
‘Let me think this,’ he is the Self; the mind is his divine eye.
He, the Self sees all these desires in the World of Brahman through the divine eye, the mind and rejoices.

“The gods meditate on that Self.
Therefore all worlds belong to them and all desires.
He who knows that Self and understands It
obtains all worlds and all desires.”
Thus said Prajapati, yea, thus said Prajapati.

~ Chandogya Upanishad : 8:12:1-6

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