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Importance of Padmasana, Kumbhaka Pranayama and Bhastrika for Dhyana and Kundalini Awakening


Our Kundalini is always in motion either Upwards or downwards. With good thoughts, sattvic food and Yoga, Pranayam Kundalini rises upwards.

With bad thoughts, with association with bad people, greedy people etc will make Kundalini go downwards. This is also a reason why Yogis live far off in jungles, away from society. Less human contact, less you face such situation.


With the practice of Padmasana, the Kundalini starts going upwards, Gradually with practice the Kundalini goes more and more upwards and finally starts rising. When Kundalini goes upwards then real Dhyana starts to occur.


This is the secret of Yogis and this is the reason why the Padmasana has been extolled greatly by all Yogis and Shastras.

Kumbhaka Pranayam:

With Kumbhaka Pranayam, first, the air is filled up in lings to the maximum with deep breathing. Then it is held inside for as much possible. During the process, the fire element is ignited in body and it grows hot. With this, the clogged arteries and veins start to unblock. The entire body becomes cleaned and pure. This again helps the arising of Kundalini . Hence Kumbhak Pranayam is extremely important to cleanse entire body. This is simple and every effective way for purification.

I was really good at Kumbhaka during my childhood but with time this knowledge got corrupted and I lost interest in that practice. My experience is that this Kumbhak Pranayam is much more effective than Anulom-Vilom as it is more powerful. It is little more tough as Kubhak Pranayam involves holding up breath for as long that even your face becomes red and your body starts trembling. This is not pleasant for those who are not habitual this and they can follow simpler Anulom-Vilom. People who are strong enough can do Kumbhak Pranayam for speedy progress.

Bhastrika Pranayam:

After Kumbhaka Pranayam , one should do Bhastrika Pranayam. In this practice the air is breathed in full violently in lungs to the full and then expelled violently. This cleanses up veins forcefully. One might get giddiness or blood might come from nose. In this case, you need not worry, keep a cloth ready and lie down for some time. This blood is bad blood, let it come out.

Unclean Nerves can cause health issues :

I faced a severe bleeding while doing Kriya Yoga Shaktichalana practice for some time. The blood loss from nose was so heavy that I had to rush to doctor. However, it did not happen immediately after practise. I used to do Kriya Yoga at night. I woke up in the morning and felt that something warm flowing from my nose inside my throat. It took me a minute to realize that blood was flowing inside my mouth from my nose.

I stood up and put cotton in my nose. it became red immediately. I rushed to the hospital they gave me Pause tablet and some other medicines. Still bleeding took an hour to stop completely. My guess was that it happened because Kundalini started rising while my veins and system was still not cleansed.


Hence cleansing with Kumbhak Pranayam, Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom is more important and should be done first thoroughly. Then the Kirya Yoga should be practiced. Padmasana, however, can be practised anytime and promotes the balanced rise of Kundalini and progress in Dhyana.

Together with Padmasana, Kumbhaka, Bhastrika & Dhyana your Kundalini will find the right environment to rise up quickly. There are other factors as you progress but above-mentioned factors are very prime factor in yoga practice for sure, therefore do include these in your yoga routime.

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