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Subtle Bodies-Types and their Importance


  1. Sthool Shareer
  2. Vasana Shareer
  3. Sookshm Shareer
  4. Manomay Shareer
  5. Aatm Shreer
  6. Brahm Shareer
  7. Nirvan Shreer

  1. Sthool Shareer: This is our physical body made of five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky(Space or Ether)
  2. Vasana Shareer : This body is made from or longings, indulgences and wishes.. ore or less it is temporary in nature. This is the body has prime role just after death for few days.
  3. Sookshm Shareer : This the body which we have before taking next birth. Yogis and sages know this body very well and their Sooksham Sahreeras are activated in their lifetime as well. Activation of this body is first step in spiritual progress. The color of this body is Orange/Saffron or Kesari. This the reason behind the sanyasis wearing Saffron clothes. This denotes the reminder to them to activate their sookshm bodies first.
  4. Manomay Shareer : This is more subtle than the Sookshm Shareer.
  5. Atm Shreer : The color of this body is white. This is why Jain Sanyasi wear white clothes. Sanyasi who have reached this level are free from the cycle of birth and rebirth. If they want they can take birth but otherwise they are not bound to do so by Prakriti.
  6. Brahm Shareer : This is even higher state than the Atm Shareer. Only very high level Yogis and Maharshis are able to reach this state.
  7. Nirvan Shreer : The color of this body is Yellow. Lord Buddha had achieved this body. And this is the reason the Buddhist monks wear Yellow clothes to remind them of their final aim. This is the final body of the Atma/Soul. After this there is final death and Atm completely becomes one with Parmatma.

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