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Role of Sun in Divine Scheme of things in Sanatan Dharma


There are 16 streams( or 16 Vidyas in Hindi) of Tantra based on yoga. Every stream has 4 more branches. Thus there are total 64 substreams Tantra or 64 Vidyas. The powers behind these 64 streams are called 64 Yoginis.

Role of Sun

In Sanatan Dharma scriptures the divine science related to Sun is called Savitri Vidya. Savita is also another name for Lord Sun and Savitri is the power of Sun.

The Surya Vigyan ( Vedic science of Sun) contains 4 different streams. Out of these 4 streams the most important Vidya is, called Savitri Vidya. Savita is also the name for Lord Sun. Savitri is the power of Sun.


In divine plain Sun acts as a lens of supreme divine light. Through Sun the divine light turns into the physical light. Note: science says that sunlight is emitted from energy produced by nuclear fusion of Hydrogen nuclei into the helium nucleus. But ultimately string theory suggests that the quarks in neutrons are made from string and strings and quarks constantly keep on forming and disappearing from an unknown force.

The conclusion may not be final though it is an allusion to the mystery of Maya of Parambhrahm. It is said the World is an illusion this means that the world seems existing while at the same it does not exist. String theory and Maya doctrine of Sanatan Dharma. Hence the process at the physical level (nuclear fusion) does not contradict the conversion of Supreme divine light ) )

That supreme divine light converts into physical light through Sun. Sun actually acts as a doorway between two different realms. on one side of Sun we have this physical mortal world (This is called Kaal Rajya) while on the other side the deathless divine light of supreme realm( Divya Rajya- Divine Realm).

In this divine realms, there are infinite worlds too but all are made from divine light and their physics and laws are different than ours.

That divine light manifests itself first as ‘Aum’ the Pranava. and later it only manifest as darkness of physical world there it is called ‘Udgeeth’. Now this Udgeeth is the is the real source of all Suns (Stars or likewise object) in universe. Udgeeth is constantly reverberating sound of Aum. Sun is also emitting sound of Aum .

Since it is constantly making sound ( Sound or Noise is called Rav in Sanskrit- For example KalRav is the noise of birds ), hence Sun is also called ‘Ravi’.

Once divine light (Param Jyoti) manifest as Aum then the Supreme light converts in to Soul light( Atma Jyoti). Thus Soul is born in the mortal world as a living being. Since this process of life and death started with Pranav Aum. Yogis and Rishis meditate , chant and do Upasana of Aum to finally get freedom from the cycle of life and death.

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