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Spoken Sanskrit Series – Episode 4 “Indian Food”


In this episode we introduced the following sentences:

aham (… ) khāditum icchāmi. ( अहम खादितुम  इच्छामि…  ) : I would like to eat (…. ).

etat kim? ( एतत् किम? ) : What is this?

etāni kāni? ( एतानि कानि  ?) : What are these?


tat kim? (तत  किम ?) :What is that?

aham baru icchāmi! (अहम् बरु इच्छामि ) : I like it!

odanam (ओदनम ): rice

masūraḥ dal( मसुर: दाल  ) : or lentils

vyanjanam ( व्यन्जनम ) : curry

roṭī naan (रोटी नान ) : bread

dadhi ( दधि ) : curd , yogurt

…… kaṭuḥ asti. ( ….कटु अस्ति  ) : ….. is spicy.

…..kincit madhuḥ asti. (….. किन्चित मधु :  अस्ति ): …….is a little sweet.

Ian likes Indian Food

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