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Satyakam Jabali attained Brahmagyan ( Enlightenment)


After accepting Satyakam as a Brahamn beacsue of his supreme Truthfulness , Maharshi Gautama then asked him to bring Samidha ( Twigs from Peepal, Mango etc holy trees) to initiate him as his disciple. As per the ritual of the Guru deekhsa( Initiation), Maharshi Gautam awakened Satyakam’s Ajna Chakra and taught him the basic meditation process. This was just the start of Satyakam’s spiritual journey. He had the means but the rest of the path has to be traversed by his own efforts.

Gurukuls in old days used to put disciples into menial task to test and strengthen their will, grit and build their character.

Maharshi Gautama then entrusted the first assignment to Satyakama. He took him to cow heard and segregated 400 weak cows. He instructed Stayakam to take and He instructed him to take the cows to another part of the forest and to tend them carefully. Satyakam was to return when the cows would be multiplied to a Thousand.

Maharshi Gautama told Satyakama, “O Satyakama , Now go to the other part of the forestland and take care of these four hundred cows.”

Satyakama replied, “O Bhagawan, I will look after these cows and will not return until I increase their number to one thousand.”


For years, Satyakama took care of the cows. He tended cows with point devotedness as Guru’s orders were most important thing for him. He took care of cows, while they grazed and sat and meditated under trees as he learnt from his Guru. Solitude of forest and one pointed focus in his task braught deeper realization in Satyakam. His focus intensified and he started to contemplate on herbs and got to know about their medicinal properties.

Gradually the number of cows reached one thousand. Then a bull in the herd spoke to Satyakama, “O Satyakama, We have reached now one thousand. Now you can return to your Guru’s Ashram with us.”

Then a bull in said further, “O Satyakama In return for the love and affection you have shared with us, I shall teach you a part of brahmagyana.’

Satayakam was elited. In all his gratituded, he replied to the bull, “Please teach me Sir.”

The bull said, “The East is one fragment, the West is one fragment, the South is another fragment, and the North is another fragment, These four fragments together form the one-fourth of Brahman. This portion of Brahman is called Prakasavan- The Radiant. Satyakama, may you contemplate these directional deities and rejoice in this divine creation.One who meditates on this one-fourth of Brahman, will become radiant in this world.”

Next morning, Satyakama Jabala proceeded forward on his journey to his Guru Gautama’s Ashrama with the cows. It was Kartik month then and winter was just starting. In the evening, he stopped to take rest and lit a fire to do his evening Sandhya yajna.

From the flame Fire God spoke to Satyakama, “O Son, I am here to impart the another part of sacred knowledge of Brahmagyana, Should I teach you another one-fourth of Brahman?”

“Please teach me respected Sir,” replied Satyakama.

Then the fire stated, “The Earth is one fragment, the Sky (middle-region) is one fragment, the Heaven is one fragment, and the Ocean is yet another fragment. These four fragments form one-fourth of Brahman, This portion of Brahman is called Anantavan, the Endless.One who meditates on this one-fourth of Brahman becomes endless in this world and wins the endless world as well.” Contemplate the planetary bodies held by infinite space. When you are ready, then Goddess Saraswati’s swan will teach you more.’

Satyakama prostrated to Lord Agni and contemplated the infinite aspect of Brahman

Next morning, Satyakama again proceeded to this Guru’s Ashram. He sat down beside a small stream to perform Sandhya Havan. While doing Sandhya he a Beutiful Swan flying towards him. The Swan spoke to him, “Satyakam, I am here to teach you another part of Brahmgyana. Should I teach you about this another one-fourth of Brahma?”

“Please teach me respected Sir,” replied Satyakama.

The Swan stated, “Fire is one fragment, the Sun is one fragment, the Moon is one fragment and the Lightning is yet another fragment, These four fragments form one-fourth of Brahman. This portion of Brahman is called Jyotisman, the luminous. Meditate on the divine sources of light and find IT within’.
One who meditates on this one-fourth of Brahman, becomes luminous in this world.”

The last day before arriving at his guru’s ashram, Satyakama reached the banks of Mother Ganga. where he was approached by a Diver bird (Madgu, मद्गु) . The bird said, “O Satyakama, I am here to teach you the final part of Brahmagyana. Should I teach you this remaining one-fourth of Brahman?”

“Please teach me sir,” replied Satyakama.

The Diver bird stated, “Prana is one fragment, the Eye is one fragment, the Ear is one fragment and the Mind is yet another fragment. These four fragments form one-fourth of Brahman. This portion of the Brahman is called Ayatanavan, The Abode-possessor – The only support of everything. Awake, Satyakama! This secret teaching reveals Brahman as the Antaryami of all. One who meditates on his one-fourth of Brahman becomes abode possessor in this world.”

After this Satyakama finally returned to his Guru’s Ashram with thousand cows.

Maharshi Gautama saw Satyakam resplendent with divine luster. He immediately realized that Satyakam has achieved true knowledge of Brahma and that is why he is radiant with divine aura.

Gautama told Satyakama Jabala, “Satayakam you are shining with the luster of Brahmagyan. O boy, you shine with the knowledge of Brahman. Who taught you?”

Satyakama replied, “Beings other than humans taught me Sir. But it is my humble request that you teach me.”

Gautama then taught Satyakama the knowledge of Brahman which was the same knowledge that Satyakama had learnt on his journey back.

The guru Gautama then gave a special teaching and re-affirmed all that Satyakama had learned. He said ‘Satyakama, you have heard that east and west are Brahman, that earth and sky are Brahman, that sun and moon are Brahman, and that eye and ear are Brahman. Like waves stirring within the ocean, all these are part of Brahman. Brahman is everywhere and everything. Omniscient and omnipresent, without beginning or end, Atman is Brahman. And dear Satyakama, Thou are That.

’Then the guru closed his eyes and softly whispered the most sublime Vedic Mahavakya three times: Tat Tvam Asi.  And the disciple was so empty of identity, and in a state of such pure listening, that the guru’s words just penetrated his being and became a reality in him. Satyakama was fully enlightened.

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