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Story- Guru of Sin


Who is Guru of Sin? (A story abut the root cause of Sin): A Brahman, studied the scriptures for many year in Kashi. Then he returned to his native village. The word of his return spread very fast in the village and nearby area. It was believed that he has became a great learned man, after studying Kashi and was able to answer any question related to religion.

A farmer heard about him(Pandit ji) and decided to meet him. The farmer came to Pandit ji and asked him, “Pandit ji! Tell us, who is the Guru of sin?”

Panditji didn’t expect such question. He did have any ready answer. He had heard to religious preachers and spiritual gurus, but never heard about the master of sin. It was beyond his understanding and knowledge. He requested farmer for some time to answer the question.

Panditji realized that his study was still incomplete. He, then returned to Kashi.

Pandit ji met many gurus but he couldn’t find the satisfactory answer to the farmer’s question. After visiting holy places one day he met day a Ganika (A public Singer). She saw Panditji dejected asked about the reason of his worry. Panditji told her about his problem.
Ganika replied,” Pandit ji! The answer is very simple, but to get an answer you have to stay in my neighborhood for a few days.
Panditji was wandering for this knowledge only. He immediately agreed. Ganika arranged separately for Pandit ji’s stay in her neighborhood.
Pandit ji did not eat food made by anyone else. He used to make food for himself only. He strictly adhered to the rituals and religious traditions.
Staying near the house of Ganika, making food by himself , he spent a few days with great ease, but the question was not answered yet. He is waiting for the reply.
One day Ganika said,” Pandit ji! You face great difficulty in cooking meals. There is no one else to see here. If you say so, I will prepare food for you.
He lured Pandit to persuade him further,”If you give me this service opportunity, then I will give you five gold coins every day in Dakshina.

Hearing about the gold coins, Pandit ji started thinking. Cooked food and gold coins together! That means there are only profits in both wayys.

Pandit ji forgot his rule, fast, ethics and religion. He said – This is wish of yours. Just keep in mind that no one should see you coming to my house though.

Ganika made variety of dishes, on the same day and served in front of Pandit ji.

But as soon as Panditji wanted to eat, she pulled away the plate that was served in front on him.

Panditji became furious and said, “What is this joke?”

Ganika said, it is not a joke, Panditji, this is the answer to your question.

Before coming here before you were steadfast abut your rules. You did not even drink food from anyone’s hands, but you accepted my hand made food in the greed of gold coins. This greed is the MASTER OF SIN.


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