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Kaki Mudra Pranayam can cure diseases in six months


Kaki Mudra Can cure diseases in six months

In the Kaki Mudra Pranayam, the life-force, ‘Prana’ is not controlled but it is inhaled form the Universe to inside our body. In this pose the tongue is made semi-circular (like we do while whistling) or corrugated like the beak of the crows, (Kak=Crow) hence it is called Kaki Mudra or Crow Pose.

It is very useful to prevent old age. It has been said. With the practice of six months, it can cure  all kinds of  diseases.The intensity and duration of practice will depend on the severity of disease.

To be honest, I have experienced it firsthand but the reference has come from highly authentic people. Shri Narayan Dutt Shirmali ji has been a greatly respected renowned Yogi, Tantracharya and Sanyasi active in last few decades . He is credited with the revival of Tantra, Jyotish, Vanaspati Shastra, and Yoga in 80’s,90,s and early 2k’s. He has still great number of followers. Shrimali ji himself has mentioned in one of his books about curing his disease by practicing this Mudra. He called it as ‘Brahmand Bhakhsan Kriya’ as he did this with mantras as well.  This mudra caught my attention when I read his book.

Later when I read books from some other Yogis, I found more references for its practical application and success. With these authentic corroborations, I was convinced to write about this Mudra.


Contract the lips of the mouth so that it becomes a shape similar to the beak’s peak (often such a shape is formed in the whistle playing from the mouth.) By making this type of shape, slowly the air gets pulled. Protrude your tongue slightly out of your lips by making a hollow pipe like like shape with tongue.

Make this type of shape and slowly pull the air. Keep in mind that air is not taken by the nostrils in this posture (Inhalation is NOT done through the nostrils). While Exhalation will be done by nostrils only.

It is very useful for removing the abdominal, anus, throat and heart related disorders. The gastric fire of practitioner is increases and the disorders such as fibrillation are suppressed.


Close the nostrils with both thumbs; leave the eyes open. Make a beak with your lips, make hollow pipe with your tongue and slowly inhale.

Imagine your are inhaling Prana from the infinite source of Universe.When the lungs are filled with Pranic air, close the mouth and hold the breath.

Bend the head forward towards the chin, so that it  touches the throat. Bending neck is actually Jalandhara Mudra and thus it is included in this Mudra too.  

Hold for as long as possible.When you are ready to exhale, lift the neck upwards and exhale through the nostrils slowly. Think of all diseases are forced out from body.

Practice this for at least two to three minutes. As you get stronger, gradually increase the length time.

Mudra benefits:

Kaki Mudra Tones the face Strengthens the nasal passage. It  Strengthens the respiratory system. It is very good of treating skin disorders too. Kaki Mudra Refreshes and rejuvenates the skin,  Reduces skin blemishes and Increases facial luster

It also affects the thyroid and parathyroid  and Cleanses the 5th Chakra, Vishuddha Chakra.

Kaki mudra is  Yog mudra for treating thyroid ,improve digestion, treats skin disorder and improves facial beauty and luster.

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