June 9, 2023

Naam Jaap Benefits

Easiest way to attain Moksha

Naam Jaap- Chanting the names of Paramatma is most recommended  spiritual activity by all Sanyasis and Gurus in our Hinduism culture. Yet it is most overlooked and underestimated activity by Hindus. Young generation and middle aged people invariably fail to recognize the immense benefits of Name Chanting of Ishwar.

Most of the young and middle aged generation is busy in earning their livelihoods and think of name chanting as waste of time. People do not have time for daily pooja and mantra chanting is either done absentmindedly or it is not done for long enough to see some real benefits.  Pooja and other regular spiritual activity is out of fashion for young and middle aged Indians now a days.

Apart from citing the reason like lack of time for spiritual activities people cite other hindrances as well,  like;

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  • Pooja has to done in early morning , I cannot get up early
  • I have to rush anytime, I cannot carve out time to follow long ritual of pooja
  • I do not know how to do pooja
  • I do not have separate pooja place in my small house
  • Pooja articles are difficult to obtain.
  • You have to be clean while doing pooja, its not possible for me to be clean all the time
  • Etc, etc…

All the above-mentioned reason can be easily dealt with if the person is a little more proactive and really wants to make some extra effort for pooja though.

However still there are lot of people who are genuinely stressed with their jobs and  cannot do pooja but still want to earn spiritual merits. The solution has existed for long time for such people. before We are living in current age of Kaliyuga, Prabhu has said that

Kaliyug keval Naam adhara…

Means: In Kaliyuga people will get liberation just by chanting Name of Ishwar.

Lord Krishna says in ShriMad Bhagawad Geeta,

” I am Japa among Yajnas”

Lord clearly said that Japa is best among all kind of Yajnas. Yajnas are meant to bring the spiritual elevation ina person’s life. Lord Krishna has clearly said to Arjuna that

Arujna, Whatever is best in everything, deem that as Me only.

Lord Krishna is himself saying that Japa is best among all kid of spiritual activities. Specially in Kaliyuga. We have seen many saints and spiritual masters attaining the enlightenment just by Naam jaap.

Kabeer, Tulasidas, Surdas, Meera, Rasakhan, Ramanujacharya, Chiatanya Mahaprabhu, Sant Shri Tukaramji, Sant Shri Vithal das  and many others have attained the supreme salvation by Naam Jaap only.

Even in Sikkhism Guru Nanak Devji has recommended daily Naam Jaap. No other fasting or any other sadhana, only Name chanting of Ishwar grants everything.

There are many saints  who have attained Mukti by Naam Jaap only. Saint Shri  Sitaram Omkarnath (1892-1982), was a strong advocate of Naam Jaap only.

He said,

“If you want to engage in serious spiritual practice, you need not go to mountains or in deep forest. Even if you stay at home, just keep on chanting the name of that Paramabrahma. You will definitely get the results of this. It is better to make your own house an Ashrama rather then just keep roaming around in Ashrams of Sadhus.”

He gave following mantra of Naam Jaap

Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram hare Hare|

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare||

(These 16 words are all names of Lord only)

Sant Sitaram Omkarnath ji further said,

“Always keep chanting Lord’s name. With devotion, Without devotion, In clean state, in unclean state, Sitting or walking Just keep on chanting the name of Prabhu. You wills see that this name only will get everything done from you. You will not have to do anything on your own.  This is the biggest spiritual tool available to mankind Kaliyuga.”

Even in Padma puran it is said that name chanting of Lord, whether without devotion is like putting a matchstick to the pile of cotton of sins. It will burn sins anyways, even if chanted unwillingly or in any kind of state. Wether it is Raam naam jaap, Krishna Naam jaap, Shiva naam jaap , all naam jaaps will grants Moksha for sure.

In Saint Shri  Sitaram Omkarnath’s own words following are advantages of name chanting…..

1. Rapid Spiritual progress as Naam jaap is deemed best yajna, declared  by Lord Shri Krishna himself.
2. Done even without devotion, Naam Jaap will still burn your sins and previous bad karmas.
3. You do not necessarily need to fix a time for it and can do it anytime of day or night.
4. You do not need to maintain a separate pooja place (Although desirable and good to have). If you remember Lord mentally then also chanting can be done. In this case your heart is the temple of Lord.
5. No restriction of cleanliness or not. (Being clean although give better state of mind, but do not leave name chanting even if you are unclean).

Minimum how long we should do Name Chant daily:

Tualsidas ji has mentioned in Ramacharit Manas;

” Ek Ghadi, Addh Ghhadi , Addh mein Puni Addh “

1 Ghadi means =24 minutes, Addh Ghadi -12 minutes and Aadh mein puni aadh is 6 minutes.

Even if you chant Lord’s name even for 6 minutes , you will get rid of many of your sins and will be elevated spiritually. If you cant do pooja, at least carve out this much time for the easiest path suggest by Lord . This is best and quickest method available in Kaliyuga to attain Moksha.

24 Minutes is Great and even 12 minutes is also good. The more you can do better. Sanyasis can chant even for all 24 hours of day but for normal householder it is not possible. So choose anything from minimum 6 minute to 24 minutes. This will help you get rid of Sins from many births. 

Saints differ on minimum number of chants of Ishwar’s name to attain Moksha. Some say 3.5 Crores minimum chants are required as per Puranas to attain Moksha. Some other says that if you write Lord’s name the effect is multiplied by 100(Hundred) times. So writing is even more effective. 

World famous Guru Shri Neem Karoli Baba used to keep a copy with himself and used to write name of Shri Ram in the book.  Even famous Aughad sant Shri Keenaram had many ‘Tantrik siddhis’ but still he extolled the practices of chanting Ram naam and kept on chanting Ram naam even in his last days.

 How much you chant is a personal matter but still in your life try to complete at least 3.5 crores chants. Whatever is your situation or condition, never leave the practice of chanting the name of Prabhu. 

Defect in speech and Ram Nam Jap :

I saw a query on defect in speech and Ram nam jap .Seems someone wanted to know what will happen if we chant Ram naam wrongly. I wanted to share my views on this. Ram nam is simple and anyone should be able to chant it with ease. However we posted an article on effect of chanting only the ‘Ra’ of Ram.

Ram nam consist of R, A and M… Mahtama Adwetacharya ji, ji here says that only initial letter Ra…of Ram is also capable of giving all Siddhis . Ram is complete formless supreme element(Param tatva) Shri Ram incarnated from The R letter of Ra. From A of Ra Bharat,Lakhsman, Shatrughn & Hanumanji are incarnated and Mata Sita is incarnated from M letter. Thus word Ram is complete representation of Saguna form of Ram, Lakshmana, Bhaarat Shatrugh, Mata Sita and Hanuman ji.

Please see following Link for more details.

See Post : Siddhi from only ‘Ra’…letter of Ram : From Shri Adwetacharyaji Maharaj

To conclude, how much wrong you can be in chanting ‘Ram’ when chanting only ‘Ra’ of Ram can give you siddhis. However there is method to it. Please see the above link for more detail.

Jay Shri Hari Jay Shri Ram! Jay Shri Krishna! Jay Shiv Shankar! Har Har Mahadev! Jay Maa Durga! Jay Shri Ganesh! Om Hari Har! Om Tat Sat!

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6 thoughts on “Naam Jaap Benefits- Easiest way to attain Moksha

  1. you have forgotten the name of Sant Tukaram the greatest believer in Naam Japa. And promoter of Bhaktimarga

  2. Thank You Sir for reminding….I added his name. Will do stories on them separately as well.

    Jay Shri Ram!

  3. I don’t think any particular method for chanting RamNam is there…. Bcoz Saint Valmiki got Moksha by chanting MaRa as he could not chant RaMa….

  4. Very true Sir….This is exactly what we have tried to establish in the post. Whatever way the name is chanted it gives its effect. Only thing thing is that to get liberation in this life itself, it has to be chanted a little more in number and regular practices helps a lot in increasing the number.

    Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram

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