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Coexistence of Lord Parashurama & Prabhu Shri Rama at Sita Swayamvar



Coexistence of Lord Parashurama & Prabhu Shri Rama at Sita Swayamvar

Prabhu Shri Ram is an avatara of Lord Vishnu. When Lord Shri Ram broke Lord Shiva’s bow at Sita svayamvar  Lord Parshurama (another avatar of Lord Vishnu) came there to challenge him. This baffle to some people as how can two avatars co-exist at the same time.

Though it can be easily explained by fact that Lord Vishnu exists in each and everything as his name means. Vishnu is made from tow word, Vish=To enter, Anu=Minutest particle. So Lord Vishnu is in everything in this world and Universe. So all the time , in everything he exists in everything.

Even at the time of Krishnavatara we see an incident when Lord Brahma stole all the cows and cowherd friends of Krishna. Lord took the form of all the cows, calves, his friends and kept playing the part for one full year. Lord Brahma realizes his mistake and returns with all the cows, calves and Lord’s cowherd friends. This shows that Lord can take many forms at the same time. This was still on normal human form only.


Now lets see on Avatar’s level.

At the start of creation Lord Vishnu took two form of Nara & Narayan and went on to do tapasya to maintain the cycle of creation. Tapasya is essential in Sanatana Dharma. Behind everything is the power of tapasya. It is said at a place that , “With tapasya only Lord Braham creates world, Lord Vishnu preserves it and Lord Shiva destroys it. So as Nara & Narayan Rishis, Lord Vishnu is perpetually doing penance in Badrikashram even now. So the wo avatars of Lord Vishnu are co existing here as well.

Lord Parashurama is 6th incarnation of Lord Shri Vishnu and Prabhu Shri Rama was 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But Lord Parashurama is an ‘Aveshavatar’ of Lord Vishnu. Remember in previous avatars of Varah and Narasimha , Lord took the form instantly. In case of Lord ParashuRama, Lord descended with is power in Lord ParashuRama only. Instant justice was to be delivered and in more human like form which Lord did to set things right again for the sustenance and perseverance for creation.

There are 6 types of Avataras and Avesha avatar is one of them. However Avesha avatar has also some variations like Bhaktyavesha (Narada Muni), Shaktyavesha (Parshurama), Jnanavesha (Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan,Sanatkumar) etc.  Aveshaavatar can happen to great Rishis and Tapasvis , who are true devotees of Lord and are qualified enough t to receive Lord’s grace.

Lord Parshurama is a ‘Chiranjivi’ and still alive. He was present in Treta Yuga, taught archery to Drona and Karn in Dwapar Yuga and will play a apart again in Kaliyuga at the time of Kalki Avatara.

Prabhu Parashurama destroyed all bad kings not just one time but 21-times. Most of the times this annihilation took place  as foolish Kings came after him to avenge Sahastrabahu’s death. After that, Lord Parshuram went to Mahendra mountain for tapasya.

In 24th Treta Yoga. Lord Parashurama heard the great sound of breaking of Lord Shiva’s Bow, he got angry because it was his Guru’s  bow. Then he promptly came at the place of Swayamvara to find the person who broke that powerful bow. When Lord Parshurama got to know that it was Sri Rama who broke the Powerful bow, he wondered how this charming young, benign boy with such great display of humility and having  such calming effect could break the divine bow. So then he put forward his final test to clear doubts. Lord Vishnu’s gifted divine bow could not be lifted by anyone but the Lord’s chosen ones or his avataras only.  He asked Prabhu Shri Rama to tek his bow and call for divine arrow. Prabhu Shri Rama did this and destroyed the brief spell of veil of ignorance of Shri Parashurama.

After seeing all this, Great Parashurama understood that Prabhu Sri Rama is none other than Supreme Lord Vishnu himself. He understood that now Lord Shri Ram will take the responsibility of destroying the evil in human king form and will establish the normal order of justice and moral living. It was a kind of transfer of responsibilities between Avatars in a way.

Prabhu & His avatars are not bound by physical laws. They oblige natural laws as  a part of ‘Leela’ (Divine play) only. God is omnipresent. God is in each and every things which exist and also in those which don’t exist. They are timeless. So there is no problem with the space-time continuum even if the avatar’s co exist at the same time.

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  1. Thanks this thing puzzled me a lot when I was a kid. I thought always thought how two Avatars could exist at the same time. Helpful info in article

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