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Purushottam-Adhik-Mal Maas Krishna Paksha-Parama Ekadashi: पुरुषोत्तम-अधिक-मल मास कृष्ण पक्ष-परमा एकादशी


Purushottam Maas-Adhik Maas-Mal Maas Krishna Paksha Ekadashi-Parama Ekadashi

पुरुषोत्तम मास-अधिक मास-मल मास कृष्ण पक्ष एकादशी-परमा एकादशी

Parama Ekadashi Vrata Story

Dharmaraj asked  Lord Krishna, “O Janardana! Now kindly tell us about the ekadashi of dark fortnight of Adhik Maas(Adhik Maas is an extra month in Hindu Lunar calendar which come once in four years or 32 months. Adhik maas is also known as Mal Maas or Purushottam maas). What is the name of this Ekadashi and what is the procedure to observed. Please tell us all in detail.”

Lord Shri Krishna said, ” O Yudhisthira! The name of this ekadashi is Parama. This ekadashi gives pleasure, happiness and salvation. The observers’s sins are destroyed by this vrata and he get the happiness and salvation in afterlife. The procedure of  Parama Ekadashis is same as the procedure of Adhik Maas bright fortnight Ekadashi(Padmini Ekadashi). Observe this vrata as mentioned earlier in the Vrata of  Padmini Ekadashi. Worship Lord Narottam VIshnu with incense, lamp, flower, and fruits etc. I will tell you an interesting story about Parama Ekadashi which happened in Kampilya city with some great Rishi Kaudinya.

Once a Brahman named Sudharma lived in Kampilya city. His wife’s name was Pavitra. Pavitra was extremely pious and chaste lady. They used to honour their guests greatly but due to some sins of previous births they were very poor. This Brahman couple didn’t have a proper place to live , neither sufficient food nor clothes. The Brahman couldn’t get alms in spite of asking from many people and in many places. At times they used to stay hungry and  had to fast because if lack of food for many days at times. Pavitra, used to give food to guest first in  spite of being hungry herself  &  still used to be happy. In spite of all odds she was facing she didn’t use to bother her husband for anything.


Thus seeing the frail condition of his wife weak and no food in home, Sudharma told his wife,” O Dear! Even though I ask for some money from someone no one gives me anything. I do not know what to do? Without money I am not able to fulfil my duty of householder . Household necessities run on money only. Therefore allow me to to go to some other city or place to earn some money.”

This heartbreaking words of her husband stirred up Pavitra deeply. Tears swelled up  in her eyes. She said in soft and humble voice, ” O My Lord! I am not any great scholar or any highly learned person, but I would like to suggest something to you. I only the good for you and us together.  Whatever a person gets in this life is largely determined by his past life karmic balance.  If the past life karmas are not conducive enough then wherever the person goes, even if the far away to mountain  Sumeru (Sumeru Mountain is considered replete with wealth) then also he will not get anything. Whatever person donates in his previous birth like food, money, knowledge or land that only he gets in present birth. If the person does not donate anything then God gives only food to him for survival.

Whatever creator God Lord Brahma has written in the fate of person that  he can get anywhere. Without giving anything a person will not get anything.  My dear Husband I cannot bear the pain of separation from you even for a moment. Even the close relatives like  parents, bothers-sisters, In laws and other relatives too o not give proper respect to a wife without husband. They will think of me as dim luck lady. Therefore whatever you can get here, let us try and live within that only.

Brahman Sudharma listened to his wife’s wise advice and did not go anywhere after that.

Times passed. After some time great Rishi Kaudinya came at Sudharma ‘s place.  Sudharma was greatly elated to see the great Rishi. He paid obeisance to Rishi Kaudinya along with his wife Pavitra. Sudharma said , ” O Great Rishi! Our life have become fruitful today as your graced us with your divine presence. ” They provided a proper seat to Muni and worshipped him with great joy and devotion. They offered Rishi whatever best they had in their house.

After the meals Brahman’s wife asked Rishi,  “O great one among Rishis! Kindly tell us how poverty can be eradicated? How can we get money, knowledge, and other things without donation as we do not have capacity to donate anything now. My husband wants to to some other place to find a proper livelihood, but I stopped him somehow. It seems its my good luck that you have come now. I have compete faith now that our poverty will be finished now. Therefore o great Muni , Please have mercy on us and kindly some Vrata, Pilgrimage or Penance so that we can get rid of our misery now.”

Rishi Kaudinya pondered over for a while for a vrat which could ameliorate all sins, poverty and sorrows and after sometime finally arrived at a solution and said to Pavitra, ” O the humble lady! The ekadashi falling in dark fortnight of Adhik maas (Purushottam Maas/ Mal maas) is very dear to Lord Vishnu. This Ekadashi is called Parama Ekadashi’.  You should observe Parama Ekadashi with full devotion. The Vrata of Parama Ekadashi  obliterates all sins, removes poverty and sorrows of the observer. This vrat gives immense wealth. The observer  becomes rich.

This vrata should be observed with full procedure (The procedure is similar to  Padmini Ekadashi & is given  here). The observer should stay awake on Ekadashi night and should sing praises of Lord and dance and play devotional songs and music This Vrata was first performed by Lord Kubera  then Lord Shiva was pleased and made him the Lord of wealth. In an another instance the truthful King Harishchandra who got his lost Kingdom back, his wife and dead son Back due to this Vrata. Therefore You should also perform this vrata.”

Lord Krishna Said,” O Dharamraj Yudhisthir! Then Rishi Kaundinya told the complete procedure of Parama Ekadashi to Pavitra. He also told about the meritorious ‘Varta of Pancharatri’. The Vrata of Pancharatri gives worldly success and salvation both. The fast of Pancharatri gives immediate results.  He said that on the day of Parama Ekadashi one should get fresh from his daily chores and take the oath to out the Pancharatri vrata for 5 days best to his/her capacity. The person who stays without food for 5 days he he goes to abode of Lord Vishnu along with his parents, his wife.  The person who read s holy scriptures of Vedas after taking bath in early morning and feeds Brahmans they get the merit of feeding all  Devas, humans and entire world. People who feed people in evening they go to heaven.  People who donate a vessel full of sesame seeds after taking bath daily for 5 days they enjoy all pleasures of this world and go to the abode of Sun God in their afterlife.  The person who donates Horse in this vrata they get the merit of donating all three realms. Those who donated  the pot filled with Ghee and maintain perfect celibacy during the vrata  they enjoy with heavenly nymphs in their afterlife.

Rishi Kaudinya further said, ” O virtuos Pavitra ! You should observe this vrata along with your husband. You will get success and will be endowed with wealth and attain heaven in afterlife.

The Brahman couple observed the Vrata  as directed  by rishi Kaudinya. They observed the vrata for 5 days.When the vrata was finished they saw a prince coming to their house. The Prince  was sent there by divine inspiration. He donated a beautiful house  adorned with all  amenities the Brahman couple. Thereafter he further donated a village to Brahman couple  and thus ensured their livelihood thereafter.  Thus the Brahman couple Sudharma and Pavitra were absolved from all their sins because of  observance of Parama ekadashi of Adhik maas (Purushottam Maas/Mal maas) dark fortnight .

Lord Shri Krishna said to Yudhishthir, ” O King! Life of those people is wasted who  do not observe the  vrata of  Ekadashi of Adhik maas . Adhik maas is dearest month to Lord Vishnu. Those people keep on roaming around in 8.4 million wombs( Births) and keep on suffering. The human body is very difficult to get and one gets wit with a lot of good merits of his past deed and by the grace of supreme Lord only.  Person who observes Parama Ekadashi he earns the merit of dong all pilgrimages and all kinds of donations . Like the Brahmans are considered best in life forms who could walk on two feet, Cow in four legged beings, & Lord Indra in all devas, similarly that the month of Adhik Maas or Purushottam maas is best amongst all months.

Out of this also the vrata of Pancharatri is greatly meritorious. In Adhik maas the both Padmini & Parama ekadashi are best vratas. All sins are ameliorated by observing these vratas. Even weak person should try to keep at least one vrat. People who do not take bath in Adhik maas and do not keep Ekadashi fast they incur sin of suicide. The soul  gets this human body after a lot of difficulty and therefore one must observe Ekadashi vrata to make his life worthwhile.

.Lord Krishna said,” O Yudhisthir! I have told you whatever you have asked. Now you should observe the ekadashi vrat along with your wife with complete devotion.

After listening the gories of Adhik maas ekadashi, Yudhishthir observed the Ekadashi vrata along with his wife and bothers and went to the abode of Lord  Vishnu after enjoying the pleasures of this world.

Shri Sutaji says that if someone observes the vrata of Mal maas ekadashi & Pancharatri vrata with proper procedure and complete devotion they he will enjoy the pleasures of this world and will get the respect in all there realms and will finally go to abode of Lord Vishnu. Therefore Ekadashis of Purushottam month are extremely important.

Years & Dates of this Ekadashi:

Links To All 26 Ekadashis of 13 Months (Adhikmas Included)
  Month/हिंदी महीना Ekadashi Name/एकादशी का नाम
 Margashirsha Krishna Paksha/मार्गशीर्ष कृष्ण पक्षUtpanna Ekadashi/उत्पन्ना एकादशी
Margashirsha Shukla Paksha/मार्गशीर्ष शुक्ल पक्षMokshada Ekadashi/मोक्षदा एकादशी
Paush Krishna Paksha /पौष कृष्ण पक्षSafala Ekadashi /सफला एकादशी
  Paush Shukla Paksha/पौष शुक्ल पक्षPutrada Ekadashi /पुत्रदा एकादशी
 Magh Krishna Paksha/माघ कृष्ण पक्षShattila Ekadashi /षटतिला एकादशी
Magh Shukla Paksha/माघ शुक्ल पक्षJaya Ekadashi /जया एकादशी
Falgun Krishna Paksha/ फाल्गुन कृष्ण पक्षVijaya Ekadashi/विजया एकादशी
 Falgun Shukla Paksha/फाल्गुन शुक्ल पक्षAmalaki Ekadashi /आमलकी एकादशी
Chaitra Krishna Paksha/चैत्र कृष्ण पक्षPapmochani Ekadashi /पापमोचनी एकादशी
Chaitra Shukla Paksha/चैत्र शुक्ल पक्षKamada Ekadashi /कामदा एकादशी
Vaishakh Krishna Paksha/वैशाख कृष्ण पक्षVaruthini Ekadashi/ वरुथिनी एकादशी
Vaishakh Shukla Paksha/वैशाख शुक्ल पक्षMohini Ekadashi/मोहिनी एकादशी
Jyesth Krishna Paksha/ज्येष्ठ कृष्ण पक्षApara Ekadashi /अपरा एकादशी
Jyesth Shukla Pakhsa/ज्येष्ठ शुक्ल पक्षNirjala Ekadashi /निर्जला एकादशी
Ashadh Krishna Paksha/आषाढ़ कृष्ण पक्षYogini Ekadashi/योगिनी एकादशी
Ashadh Shukla Paksha/आषाढ़ शुक्ल पक्षDevshayani Ekadashi / देवशयनी एकादशी
Shravan Krishna Paksha/श्रवण कृष्ण पक्षKamika Ekadashi / कामिका-कामदा एकादशी
Shravan Shukla Paksha/श्रवण शुक्ल पक्ष Shravana Putrada Ekadashi /श्रावण पुत्रदा एकादशी
  Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha/भाद्रपद कृष्ण पक्ष Aja Ekadashi /अजा एकादशी
Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha /भाद्रपद शुक्ल पक्ष Parivartini-Parsva Ekadashi /परिवर्तिनी-पार्श्व एकादशी
Ashwin Krishna Paksha/आश्विन कृष्ण पक्षIndira Ekadashi/इंदिरा एकादशी
Ashwin Shukla Paksha/ आश्विन शुक्ल पक्ष Papankusha Ekadashi  /पापांकुशा एकादशी
 Kartik Krishna Paksha /कार्तिक कृष्ण पक्षRama Ekadashi /रमा एकादशी
 Kartik Shukla Paksha/कार्तिक शुक्ल पक्षDev Prabodhini Ekadashi  /देव प्रबोधिनी एकादशी
Adhikmas Krishna Paksha/अधिकमास कृष्ण पक्षParama Ekadashi /परमा एकादशी
 Adhikmas Shukla Paksha/अधिकमास शुक्ल पक्ष Padmini Ekadashi/पद्मिनी एकादशी
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