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This secret teaching of Swami Vivekananda will give you magical powers for a second


This secret teaching of Swami Vivekananda will give you magical powers for a second

In September 1893, Swami Vivekananda became world famous when he gave speech at the Parliament of World Religions, Chicago. The path to his success was not smooth. He faced massive obstacles and monstrous difficulties. He overcome them with a small technique taught to him by his master. It is taught in several forms in Yogic tradition. I will explain it in a modern way. The basic principle behind this technique is that whatever you want exists out there in the universe, we just need to attract it.

When Swami Vivekananda reached America, he faced three massive obstacles:

(1) The last date of registering as a delegate speaker for the Parliament had already passed.

(2) A letter of recommendation was required to register for it which he didn’t have.

(3) There was still almost a month to go for the parliament to start. He didn’t have enough money to survive for that long.


An ordinary human being would have thought of returning back to India but not Swami Vivekananda. He applied this technique and obstacles cleared up like a magic.

An unknown old lady came to him and helped him to survive. She also introduced him to a Harvard Professor who knew the organizers of the Parliament. So all problems got solved, all obstacles got cleared.

Whatever we desire exists out there in the universe. Swami Vivekananda knew that the solution of all his problems existed out there. He just needed to attract it with the Yogic technique. Like a magician pulls out rabbit from hat, a Yogi can pull out anything he/she desires from the universe using this technique.

Everyday scientists are discovering and inventing something new: some new bacteria, some new space object, some new machine and so on. Scientists also say that regardless of how advanced humanity becomes, regardless of how advanced machines we make, we can never discover 95% of the universe. They call this unknown part of the universe as ‘dark matter’( 27%) + ‘dark energy’ (68%) = 95% unknown universe.

That means, a huge animal maybe sitting in front of you right now. You cannot see it, you cannot touch it, you cannot smell it, you cannot detect its presence with any machine if the animal is made up of dark matter. We and our machines can see and detect only those things and beings that are made up of matter that we are made up of. They cannot detect the so-called ‘dark matter.’

Imagine there is a mango in front of your eyes. How can you say that it is mango, and not something else? Your senses (eyes, nose etc.) are sending signals to your mind that there is an object out there, it has such and such color, such and such smell.

There are many small software or apps in your mind which are designed to process these signals. One such App (App 1) is designed to determine whether there is an object before your eyes. This app will process these signals and say, ‘There is definitely an object but I don’t know what it is.’

Then there is another App (App 2) which will process these signals and say, ‘This object has such and such smell… such and such appearance… it is Mango.’

If you uninstall App 2 from your mind, you won’t be able to recognize mango even if it is placed before your eyes. Your mind will say, ‘I can see some object but I don’t know what it is. It is some strange object.’

If we uninstall both App 1 and App 2 from your mind, you will not be able to see the object at all. Your mind will say, ‘There is no object out there,’ even if the mango is placed right before your eyes.

If we remove all thousands of apps from your mind which help you perceive this universe, everything will disappear for you. It will be all blank out there. You won’t be able to sense or detect anything. Universe will be 100% dark matter or dark energy for you.

Yogis can uninstall all the apps from their mind when they desire so. They can go into a state of mind in which universe becomes a blank screen for them. There are many names for this state in various Yogic traditions. We will call it the Shunya (nothingness) state.

In ordinary state of mind, 95% of the universe is dark matter or dark energy (unknown, undetectable stuff). In the state of Shunya 100% of the universe is dark matter or dark energy.

This is the secret technique which spiritual masters give to their most trusted disciples: Whatever you desire exists out there in the universe. Uninstall all or most apps from your mind and go into the Shunya state or near-Shunya state. When you come back, whatever you desire will stand right before your eyes.

So when Swami Vivekananda was faced with those huge problems in America, he used the technique given by his master. He uninstalled apps from his mind and went into Shunya or near-Shunya state. When he came back, he found the solution right before his eyes.

Uninstalling these apps from your mind is the real challenge. But if questions like ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is this universe?’, ‘Why am I born?’ have ever crossed your mind, half the task is done. Now all you have to do is take up a 6 hour ‘spiritual journey’ towards the state of Shunya. When you take up this journey 3–4 times, you will see that you have gained the great Yogic ability to switch off many apps of your mind.

This journey starts from the city of Toronto, Canada where a rich man is coming back home from his son’s funeral. He sees a monkey-like figure flying over a car that was running alongside his car. He blinks and that figure disappears. Was that real or a trick of light?

What exactly is real and what is unreal? These questions finally take him to a forested mountain where he meets some tribal people who are talking to something that is visible only to them. He finds out that there is an immortal Yogi called Lord Hanuman who is roaming the Earth since many centuries. That Yogi talks to His secret disciples living secretly in the jungle. These are no ordinary talks. These are immortal talks.

You can take up this 6 hour journey by reading the Immortal Talks- Book 1. Its a very small book. It hardly takes 6 hours. These interesting stories don’t preach anything. They take you to a meditative journey. At the end of the journey you find yourself nearer to the magical state of Shunya. Beginners may have to take this journey multiple times before the apps of mind start uninstalling. Those who are spiritually evolved will see the effects from first reading itself.

Sadly, this small but rare book is not available in any store. As of today, few copies seem to be available on Amazon India, and digital version seem to be available on Kindle worldwide.

Amazon links for Book Immortal Talks:

  1. ::  Immortal Talks (Book 1)
  2. :: Immortal Talks ( Book 1)
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