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Quick Summary of 3rd Panipat Battle-Marathas saved Delhi & India from Abdali


MARATHAS had defeated ABDALI before (a few years before 3rd Panipat battle-which took place on 14 January in 1761),  in 1757 and had chased him down till ATTOCK Afghanistan. Marathas again in 1759 defeated ABDALI in DELHI and took over DELHI won the KHUNJPURA fort the bastion of ABDALIS wealth.

ABDALI had a complete alliance with SHUJA-UD-DUALA & the ROHILLA AFGHANS and MARATHAS fought alone with sheer series of wins. The problem started when Marathas crossed over the Yamuna to Sirhind to chase ABdali due to over zealousness of SADASHIV BHAU who recently had defeated the NIZAM.

That made ABDALI to cross back to the behind of the MARATHA forces and had cutoff their supplies. There was no ally of the Marathas that was the real crisis among the HINDUS. So, half of the MARATHA forces fell sick due to starvation & couldn’t  fight & were retreated.

Still, the half of the Maratha forces destroyed the ABDALI’s allied forces for the better part of the day the war began on 14th January 1761 from 9 am till 2pm Marathas were winning and Abdali had lost thousands as many Afghan fronts were broken.

It was the selfishness of the Maratha sardars to chase the fleeing Afghans to their camps and that left the won fronts unguarded and then Abdalis reserve forces sneaked in and till 4pm Maratha soldiers retreated with the fall of Bhau who became wild due to the accidental killing of VISHVASRAO by a stray cannon ball or else ABdali had never won. Abdali feared the PESHWA would attack him again and wud chase him to KABUL so he left DELHI for the MARATHA by keeping just Punjab for himself. Abdali then never invaded DELHI and MARARHAS made DELHI safe from Muslim invasions once for all.


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