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Rudraksha beads are very dear to Lord Shiva, it grants lng life and mitigates the chances of untimely death. Rudraksh grants wealth and worldly pleasure to house holders whereas it grants Dharma and Moksha to Sages and Sanyasis. It grants the progeny to childless couples. Rudraksha eradicates the diseases, give peace to the wearer and awakes the Kundalini of Yogis. Evil spirits do dare to trouble a person where the Rudraksha is placed in the house. Rudraksh is considered lucky to the wearer  in all his pursuits.

What is Rudraksha:

Rudraksha tree is a medium size tree. This is chiefly found in ower parts of Himalaya, Nepal and Bhutan. The leaves of this tree are small and roughly round shaped. The seeds of this tree are called Rudraksha. This known by different name in Different parts of the country. Its i called Rudraksha in Hindi, Rudraky in Bangla, Rudraksh in Gujarati & Marathi, Akkam in Tamil, Rudrachallu in Telugu,  Rudrai, Ludrak, Udrok in Assamese,  In Sanskrit it is know by many names as Rudraksh,  Shivaksh, Sarvaksh, Bhootanashan, Neelkanthaksh, Haraksh, Shivapriy and in English it is known as Ultrasum bead tree.

According to Ayurveda:

As per Ayurveda, Rudraksha is effective in removing the ill effects of sour, hot air. It removes the cough, reduced headache and increases appetite.


Rudraksh rosary if worn in Chechak(Sall pox), Bodari & Achabada, it removes these diseases. And if it is worn before hand then these disease will not incur at all.  If Rudraksha is worn, the mental hysteria(mnasik unmad) does not happen and  evil spirits also keep away. If the child had cough congestion in chest , One can rub 2-3 beads of rudraksha with Honey and give it to child. The cough  congestion will be  cleared and child will get relief soon.

Rudraksh is considered a boon for the patient of blood pressure. If Rudraksha rosary is worn regularly the person will get relief in blood pressure over the time. If the blood pressure is high then one should keep 2 original rudraksha beads in 2 ounce water overnight and this water should be drunk in morning on empty stomach. Blood pressure will be lowered within a week and if it is done regularly then the blood pressure will normalise permanently.

For heart related disease Rudraksha rosary is wrn in the neck. It eradicate the heart disease permanently if the disciplined eating and exercise are done regularly. This should be carried for at least 6 months.

In small pox(Chechak) if rudraksha beads are grinded with water and paste is applied on topically on the affected areas. This treatment cures smallpox as well.

Spritual Significance of Rudraksha:

Wearer of Rudraksha is considered as Lord Shiva himself. Rudraksha is very dear to Lord SHiva and sins are ameliorated just by the having a  sight of Rudraksha. SUch is the eulogy of the rudraksh in our shastras. Rudraksha is very helpful for the Person who wants devotion. liberation, Moksha and the pleasures equally. If the person wear the Rudraksh, he should not be afraid of untimely death. The chanting on Rudraksha rosary gives success and siddhi in mantra sadhana. According to Shiva Purana if any person is not following dharma(righteous conduct) and is a sinner but he loves Rudraksh and wears it always then also he get rid of his sins and attains the of Lord Shiva finally.

ANy person in any place and caste or country can wear the Rudraksha but he should wear pure and original Rudraksha. If you wear the Rudraksha during daytime then the night ime sins are obliterated and if one wears it in night time then his day time sins are obliterated.

Origin of Rudraksha:

as per the Shastras Lord Shiva told Shanmukh(Lord Kartikeya) about the origin of rudraksha. He said once a demon king named Tripur became very powerful and he started disdaining Lord Brahma, Vishnu and everyone. Then the Gods requested him to kill Tripur demon.

Then Lord Shiva started meditating for one thousand years on great Mahaghor Aghor astra .When eyes were closed few drops of tears fell down on earth and rudraksha tree was born from those tear drops only.

Rules of wearing Rudraksha:

  1. All working class people can wear Rudrkash but the priestly class Brahmans should wear the Rudraksha with mantras only. Rest everyone can wear Rudraaksh without chanting mantra also.
  2. One should chant ‘Om Namah Shivay‘ and put holy ash on forehead while wearing Rudraksha.
  3. All the vedic religious activities like religious ablution, donation, meditation, tapas(austerity), homam, worship of Gods, repentance, Vaishavdev, Shradham(offering to departe dancestors) and eeksha are do not give desired results if the rudraksha is not worn.
  4. Do not wear Rudrkash in unholy and unclean condition. Wear Rudraksha with full devotion and austerity.
  5. Rudraksha can be knit in gold or silver thread. In the absence of gold and silver a red thread can be used as well.
  6. A male can wear rudraksha in Yajnopavita( Janeu), in hands, neck or even on stomach.
  7. Devotees of Lord Shiva should wear a bracelet of Rudraksha in their hands. The bead sin the bracelet should be odd numbers like 11, 21 tec.
  8. If Rudraksh is set in a golden ring and is worn on any finger of right hand then it bestows upon  desired wish to the wearer.
  9.  Person who wears rudraksha on head while taking bath attains the merits of bathing in holiest river Ganges
  10.  Person who wears Rudraksha daily or worships on Rudraksha daily he is rich like a King.
  11. If one wears a Rudraksha his desired work is accomplished within 40 days but the a firm faith in the powers of Lord Shiv and Rudraksh is must in this case.
  12.  If one sits on deer skin asana (Mrig charm asana) and chants any mantra facing in East direction then   great success is attained.
  13. Seeing a Rudraksha gives punya, while touching it give crore time punya, wearing it gives 100 crore tume punya and chanting on it gives 100000 crores tie punya.                                          Falasy darshane punyam sparshkotigunam bhavet|
                            Shatkoti gunam punyam dharanlabhate narah
                            Lakshakoti sahastrani lakshkotishatan cha,
                            Japachch labhate nityam natr kary vcharana||
  14. Rudraksha beads are considered essential in doing Shiva sadhana and to please the Lord Shiva.
  15. If the person who is wearing Rudraksha at the time of death he certainly goes to the abode of Lord Shiva.
  16. According to Shiva Purana, wearing Rudraksha on head gives 1 crore time Punya, wearing in ear gives 10 Crores time punya, Wearing in neck gives 100 crore stime punya and if worn on manibandh(On Wrists) it gives complete Moksha to the wearer.
  17. As per the scriptures a person who wears 16-16 Rudraksha on both arms, 1 in the tuft on head, 12 in hand , 32 in neck , 40 on forehead, 1-1 in each ear, 6 on chest, thus in total 108 Rudraksha who wears them like in the abovementioned fashions is deemed to be worthy of worship like Lord Shiva himself.
  18. Rudraksha  as big as a ‘Ber’ fruit are deemed Medium,  Small like a Bengal Gram  are the lowest, Rudraksha was big as ‘Anwala’ trees are considered the best.
  19. Rudraksha are of 4 types. Brahmans or priestly class should wear White Rudraksha, Kshatriyas, the warrior clans should wear Red colored Rudrakshas, Vaishya the merchant class should wear yellow color and the Shudras, the service class should wear black class Rudrakshas.
  20. Rudraksha are the best when they are tough, shiny, and thick. On the other hand Rudrakshas which are eaten bye termites, without the gravels and broken at the time of making holes and fake Rudrakshas are deemed to be HARMFUL.
  21. As when the Gold is rubbed on the ‘Kasauti’ it leaves a mark, similarly when the rudraksh leaves a mark n the ‘Kasauti’ , it is considered a best rudraksha.


Types of Rudraksha Rosaries:

Rudraksha rosary is giver of all four Purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

  • A Rudraksha rosary of 104 bead is granst good health,
  • A Rudraksha rosary of 108 beads grants success in all endeavours.
  • A Rudraksha rosary of 100 beads grants moksha.
  • A Rudraksha rosary of 57 beads grants siddhis in sadhanas.
  • A Rudraksha rosary of 27beads grants success in tantrik pursuits.
  • A Rudraksha rosary of 32 beads grants success in attaining wealth.



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