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ADVAITA According to the AVADHUTA GITA by Dattatreya


ADVAITA According to the AVADHUTA GITA by Dattatreya and inspired by it.

There is no Dvaitam or Advaitam
Truth is Both are the same and all the time.

There is no Dvaitam nor Advaitam.
Knowing this,
Then, there is a feeling of Space filled,
Then, we know we are Brahman.

Then, we know we are not Duality nor non-Duality.
We are the Supreme, the ALL.

Then, there is no Castes, Gods, Worlds, Universes, Vedas?
There is only the Highest Truth at all times and omnipresence.


Then, the Mind tells us Truth is beyond mind, beyond words,
Colourless, soundless and devoid of shape, depthless, without volume.

Devoid of volume and volumeless, and weight and weightless, without depth,
without sounds, shapeless and colourless, yet having them ALL.
The Supreme,
Brahman is

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