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Paush Shukla-Putrada Ekadashi :पौष शुक्ल-पुत्रदा एकादशी


Paush Shukla Ekadashi-Putrada Ekadashi

पौष शुक्ल एकादशी-पुत्रदा एकादशी

Dharamraj Yudhisthir said,” O Lord You have shown your immense grace on us by telling us the significance of Safala Ekadashi. Now O Merciful, please tell us about the ekadashi falling in bright fortnight of Paush month. What is the name of this ekadashi and what is the procedure to observe this? Kindly tell us all in detail.

Lord Shri Krishna said,” The ekadashi falling in bright fortnight of Paush month is known as Putrada Ekadashi. Lord Narayan is worshipped on this day. There is no other vrata as powerful as Putrada Ekadashi to grant your wishes. People should observes this vrata as utmost important act of merit. The merits attained by  Putrada Ekadashi make person wise, saintlike and rich at the same time. Now I will tell you  a popular story about this vrata.

Once upon a time a  King named Suketuman used to rule Bhadravati city. His wife’s name was Shaivya. The royal couple were childless though. Queen Shaivya was dejected as she didn’t have any progeny.  King was also greatly worried that without a son who will perform the Pindadan(offering food to ancestors in the form of Pindas) rituals for him and his ancestors.

The ancestors of the King Suketuman, also used to take the Pinda offerings from King, while lamenting the fact that there would be no one after King to offer them Pinds. King had everything a happy and wealthy man could have had. He had bothers, relatives, ministers, elephants, horses, kingdom and vast wealth . King was always worried who will give Pind offerings to him after his death and if he didn’t have any son who would be able to pay the debt of his ancestors and Gods.


He had various such thoughts haunting him all the time. The house without a son is dark & lustreless. Therefore, he should make every effort to beget  son. Life is worth for only those who have  seen the face of son; only such person is gets  glory in this world and peace in afterlife. A person begets a sons & wealth with the merits attained by good deeds done in his previous life. Thus King was tormented by different kind of thoughts and used to remain worried all the time.  He did several ‘Putreshti yajnas’ (Yajna to beget a son) but none of those bore any fruit to King. He bowed down to Gods but never got the blessing he desired. The King lost all his hope and started mulling over that he should  commit suicide by drinking poison . This way, he would become ghost but at least he would not have to worry about his pain anymore. Once King even prepared himself to commit suicide but he realised that by committing suicide he will incur a  sin and thus he did not do it.

King  thus worried and immersed in his own thoughts, rode on his horse to the  forest. He saw all kinds of animals, birds, trees etc there. He observed deer, tiger, boar, lion, monkey, snake etc roaming in the forest. Elephant was roaming along with cow elephant  and calves. Somewhere the jackals were howling and owls were hooting in their cacophonous voices. King saw every creature with playing their offsprings. King started cursing his fate;  he thought these animals and birds are more lucky than me . His sorrow exacerbated with these sights. He started thinking why ha she remained progeny less, he thought he had done many yajnas, donated amply to learned Brahmanas, fed poor people but why still didn’t get any son. He kept on thinking and thus she spent long time and 2/3rd of day passed.

King started feeling pinch of acute thirst by then. He tried to find water but didn’t know any source. After sometime intense searching, he found finally managed to find a small pond in jungle.  The pond was full with blossomed lotuses and with numerous kinds of aquatic fauna : fishes, crocodiles, cranes, swans etc. King’s right organs started quivering, it was a good omen & sign of some immediate good happening. There were small makeshift hermitages of Sages around the pond. King went to Sages prostrated and  offered ‘Dandavat Pranam’ (People bow down on ground as if a  stick falls on ground,  stretching both hands above forehead and toes & whole body on ground- A sign of deep respect shown only towards highly enlightened divine forces) to them.

After paying respects to sages , King Suketuman sat down there. Sages offered suitable seat to King Suketuman and said,” King We are highly pleased with your humble manners. Tell us what do you want?

The King asked, “O Great Sages, Kindly tell me who are you and why are have you come deep in jungle at this time. “

Sages replied,” O King ! We are Vishvedeva Rishis! We are here to obtain the great merits of bathing in holy Magh month. Today is Putrada Ekadashi, which has great merits and can even grant son to people. Since this is Ekadashi & Magh month will start in 5 days from now. This pond is holy and that’s why we have gathered here to spend the holy Magha month while taking our daily holy ablutions. .

King was highly pleased upon knowing about the great Vishvedeva  Rishis. He  immediately requested what he wanted most. He said, “O holy one if you are pleased, kindly grant me the boon to beget a son for I don’t have any child and highly distressed by this great misfortune of mine.”

Rishis replied with great kindness,” O King ! You are very fortunate. Today is great Putrada ekadashi . This ekadashi grants progeny to even most unfortunate people. You should observe this vrata with full rituals today. Soon you will get your desired wish by the grace of Lord Vishnu.”

King couldn’t believe his luck suddenly. He asked to re-affirm again, ” O Sages !I do not wish you dishonour your words. But will I really get a son by observing this vrata.”

Sages replied,” Try and see it for yourself son”!”

King Suketuman ,thus being reassured by Rishis, observed Putrada Ekadashi on that day with Rishis and did the Paaran (Act of breaking the fast , usually by giving gifts etc to Brahmanas and feeding them and then taking food himself). Next day, King paid the respect to Rishis and came back to his kingdom. His wife bore him a son after sometime. The prince grew up to became a very brave, valorous, virtuous, pious, famous later on. He  was very wealthy and very loving and fatherlike for his subjects during his reign .

Lord Shri Krishna said,” O Yudhishthir!  There is no other vrata like Putrada ekadashi to beget a son. Therefore one should observe Putrada Ekadashi vrata to beget a virtuous son. Anyone who reads or hears this story &  significance of putrada Ekadashi, he earns great merits & attains heaven in his afterlife due the grace of Lord Narayana.

Years & Dates of this Ekadashi:

Date in 2019 – 17 January 2019, Day- Thursday|| Begins – 12:03 AM, 17 Jan  / Ends – 10:34 PM,17 Jan ||Nakshatra-  Krittika / Chandra rashi- Taurus( Vrishabha)

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