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Things to keep in mind while buying Blue Sapphire(Neelam) gemstone


Things to keep in mind while buying Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone

Blue Sapphire has caught the fancy of astrologers and people alike. Specially, people who are suffering from the malefic effects of Saturn in Sadhe-saati, or Dhaiyya, or under the transit of Saturn(Either in Mahadasha or Antardasha) are would consider possessing one. Whatever is the condition (Sadhe-saati, or Dhaiyya, or under the transit of Saturn-Either in Mahadasha or Antardasha etc) blue sapphire is considered as most effective an quick effect solution for it.

But there is a vast amount of stories about the effect of Neelam(Blue sapphire). It is said that Neelam shows it effect in either 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 days or 3 months. And it can either make or break you. That’s hwy people are very apprehensive about wearing it. It is said that people have got riches , have been achieved exalted position in their lives or met with terrible mishaps or accident within this period only. Therefore it has to  bought after the consultation from an established astrologer only. Most of the astrologers also do not recommedit straightaway initially, considering the ille effects it can bring if it doesn’t suit the wearer. It make a Rags to Rich or Rich to rags, depending on it suitability to the wearer.

However once you have got the recommendation from an established astrologer , there is a method to assess its suitability fro you. When you get the Neelam just wrap it in semi-transparent cloth (not red color) and see the effect for 3 days. If you see any good things happening to you  within 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 days it is good for you. If not then do not proceed any further. Neelam definitely shows the effect either good or bad within that period.


What to look for in Neelam while purchasing:

Natural or Synthetic:

You may find the gemstone selling at very cheap prices by street vendors. Blue  Sapphires are  composed of a mineral called corundum.  Very cheap versions may be synthetic. So cross check the source of origin and always insist fro natural Blur sapphire gemstones. The astrological value of a synthetic stone is nil . Synthetic blue sapphire ar good from adornment only. Full astrological effect can be derived from a natural Neelam stone only.


If the streets were lined with gems, we would not consider them items of great value. It is their scarcity, as well as their beauty, that captivates us. We are attuned to appreciate objects that are uncommon and unusual, and to cherish the standouts of the bunch. Once a gemstone is set into jewelry it becomes an even more powerful symbol of value; it recognizes the uniqueness of the wearer.

Once an item is identified as rare, one must understand the nature of that item in order to properly judge its value. Coal and diamonds are both forms of pure carbon. But, it would be incorrect to say a piece of coal is rare just because its chemical makeup is the same as a diamond. Sapphires and rubies are composed of the mineral corundum. But, not all corundum is rare. For example, you can buy black corundum in the form of emery sandpaper at the hardware store. A gem-quality untreated sapphire or ruby is exceptional because of its natural color and clarity.

Color, Clarity  & Cut:

The selection process for a sapphire does not end with the decision to buy an untreated stone. The most important contributing factor in a sapphire’s beauty is its color. Sapphires are known for their blue hues, but they come in a wide range of colors, and the choice of color is highly personal. The rich, deep, and pure colors are considered the most rare and valuable.

A stone’s color is best revealed by the choice and quality of its cut. The quality of a stone’s cut is extremely important and can vary greatly as to how well it succeeds in revealing the full potential and beauty of the sapphire. A well cut stone demonstrates great play-of-light throughout the sapphire, showing off its color and sparkle.

The clarity of a sapphire is important as well. Natural untreated stones will usually have more inclusions than treated sapphires. The many types of treatments performed on sapphires will not only alter their color, but also their clarity. Inclusions should not always be seen as negative attributes in untreated sapphires. In most cases, they are undisputed evidence that the sapphire has never been treated. The best option is to seek an untreated stone with minimal visual inclusions, but enough that it can be correctly identified as natural and untreated.


You may find the Blur sapphire stone from India, Ceylon, Brazilian, Thailand or even Himalayan etc primarily in the market today.

The color  and clarity of the blue sapphire depends a lot the place of origin . The prices also reflect on the source for origin and clarity for the gemstone. Whatever you choose make sure it is original and untreated stone andpreferaby with higher transparency and less inclusions.

Authenticity :

Another major consideration when buying untreated sapphires is authenticity. The changes that result from heating can be dramatic to the eye, but subtle to the stone internally. It is important to be sure of what you are buying. There are two things you can do to ensure that the stone you are purchasing is genuine.

First, insist on a certificate from an independent gemological laboratory. These contain basic information about the sapphire and document any indications of heat treatment. Second, only conduct business with a highly reputable company with specific knowledge and expertise concerning untreated sapphires. A reputable company may be able to deal directly with the miners, meaning that the sapphire will go right from the mine to the cutter – skipping any ovens.

Finally, you must see a sapphire to fully appreciate it. Gems do not always photograph well, and it is the interaction of light with the stone is what makes it beautiful. You should look at enough choices so that one will stand out to you. Be sure to look at your stone under various types of lighting conditions to see the variations of color that the sapphire reflects. White florescent light and direct sunlight will show the true color of a sapphire the best.

How to wear Blue Sapphire:

One should wear a minimum of 2carat Blue Sapphire when wearing this gem as an astrological remedy. Ideally you should be wearing 1/10 th fo your body weight. For Example if you have body weight of 65Kgs you should be wearing 6.5 carat Neelam to receive full astrological benefit of gemstone .

Neelam can be worn on silver or gold (Preferably Silver as Gold Neelam is cold and Gold is teh element for Sun a hot planetary entity) . Neelam gemstone ring should be put in a copper vessel on Friday night in sweetened unboiled milk and gangajal mixture and worn on the middle finger on Saturday after praying to bhagwan shankar and removing it from the vessel. Also chant Shani Mantra 108 times before wearing it on your Middle finger.

The Mantra for Shani or Saturn is as follows:

“Om Ravi Putraya Vidmahe Yamagrajaya Dheemahee, Thanno Sani Prachodayat”

||ओम रवि पुत्राय विद्महे यमाग्रजाय धीमहि, तन्नो शनि प्रचोदयात ||


“Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah”.

|| ऊँ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चरायै नमः ||

The Saturn (Shani) mantra should be recited every Saturday during the first hour from sunrise for 8 continuous Saturdays to charge the Stone.

Thebest effects of the stone is up to 5 years of wearing the stone.

Blue Sapphire should not be worn along with Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral or their substitute stones, as blue sapphire is of cold nature while this is astrologically incompatible to the abovementioned gemstones.

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