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Kartik Krishna Ekadashi-Rama Ekadashi


Kartik Krishna Paksha Ekadashi-Rama Ekadashi

रमा एकादशी

Yudhishthir said to Lord Shri Krishna,” O Lord, What is the name of Ekadashi falling in dark fortnight of Kartik ?What is the procedure to observe this? And what are the merits obtained by doing this? Kindly tell us in detail.

Lord Shri Krishna said,” O Yudhishthir! Th Ekadashi falling in dark fortnight of Kartik  is known as Rama Ekadashi. This Ekadashi destroys great sins. All sins committed by person are destroyed if he observes this Ekadashi with full procedure. I will tell you the significance of this ekadashi . Listen carefully.

Once upon a time in olden days there was a King named Muchukund. He was truthful, pious and a great devotee of Lord Vishnu| He was fiends with Indra, Yama, Kuber , Varun and Vibheeshana.He used to rule with just and fair means. He had a daughter named Chandrabhaga. She was married to Prince Shobhan who was the son of king Chandrasen. Once Shobhan was in in his in laws palace. It was the time of Kartik month and at That time only the date of Rama ekadashi was nearing. Everyone was supposed to keep Rama Ekadashi fast on that day.

Chandrabhaga was worried that my husband is very weak and he will not be able to keep up the fast .My father orders are that everyone who is in kingdom have to observe the fast . Her husband will willingly observe the fast but will face great difficulty in observing the fast as his body is very frail.  Her fears became rue when on the day of dashami(10th day of the month a day before ekadashi) King announce that everyone should observe the Ekadashi fast in his kingdom. Nobody should eat food on Ekadashi day.

Now Shobhan was worried he told his wife Chandrabhaga, ” My beloved , What to do now? I cannot bear hunger at all. If I fast , I might loose my life in process. Tell me a way out , so that I would be able to save my life.”

Chandrabhaga said,” No one eats t food on Ekadashi day in my father’s kingdom.What to say of humans , even animals like Elephant, Horse, Camel, Cat, Cow etc also do not eat their fodder as well. If you are not capable of bearing the suffering of fasting and want to eat , you must move to some other place fro this day. Because if you are staying here, you will have to keep the fast for sure.

Shobhan replied,” If this is so , then I will definitely keep the fast ,My body is weak and not able to bear the pain of fast but my heart and mind is full of devotion and faith. We will see what happens, but I will keep the fast.”.

Thus Shobhan kept the fast . He suffered greatly because of hunger and thirst and he also didn’t have any habit of keeping fast earlier. By the evening  his life force was totally drained out  and he was not able to move also. But night as still remaining. When  night befell Vaishnavas kept up with Bhajans and singing praises of Lord throughout the whole night with joy  but the night  was excruciatingly painful for Shobhan.  Shohan died by the morning. Then King observed the funeral of Shobhan and arranged  cremation of his dead body with sandalwood. Entire city was in gloom because of Shobhan’s death.  King Muchukund ordered his daughter Chandrabhaga to not to immolate herself with Shobhan. Chandrabhaga stayed with her father only. Both Father and daughter kept on observing Ekadashi fast.

In his after life Shobhan  attained the Kingdom of Devpur which was situated in Mandarachal mountains. The city was replete with  wealth and free from enemies. His palace was very garand .The pillars of his palace were adorned with jewels and were made of Gold. Shobhan was adorned with costly garments and had a jewel adorned throne. He had celestial Apsaras and Gandharva in his service. Seated on his throne and served by celestial being Shobhan seemed like another Indra .But he was not able to go out of the Devpur city. Shobahn became a wealthy King because of the Ekadashi fast.

Once a Brahman named Som Sharma , a resident of King Muchukund city , was on pilgrimage and accidently arrived in Devpur. He instantly recognized Shobhan.  Shobhan also recognised Brahman Som Sharma. Shobhan did pranam(paid his obeisance) to Brahman and asked about the his Father in law and his wife.

Brahman said,” Your wife is okay at her father’s house. But it is matter of great astonishment that you were dead because of not eating in  Ekadashi fasting – Then how come you have got the same face, unlimited wealth and a this beautiful city which was never heard off?

The Shobhan replied,” O Brahman,” All this is due to the observance of Katrik Krishn Rama Ekadashi fasting. But Still all this is not stable .Kindly do something so that it becomes stable.”

Braham Som Sharma asked,” O King,” Why is it not stable and how it cane be made stable. I will definitely help you . Please trust my words.”

Shobhan said,” I observed Ekadashi fast because there was an order from the King and when I was out of choice. Therefore all this is unstable. Only my wife has the power to make it all stable.If you tell her all this and she does  something then only all this could be stable.”

Brahma Som SHarma returned to his city and told Chandrabhaga the entire story.

Chandrabhaga heard this and was elated but asked the Brahaman,” O pious Brahman, Have you really seen this for real or you have dreamt of this whole thing. Kindly confirm me the truth.”

Brahman Som Sharma said,”Chandrabhaga you are like daughter to me. I have have seen and met your husband face to face in person on Mandarachala mountains. Then I also saw the grand and invincible city of his. He as said that it is not stable ad you should do something to make it all stable.”

Chandrabhaga said, ” Or Vipra,Kindly take me there, I desperately want o see my husband.I will try and make that city stable with the merits attained because of my good karmas of Ekadashi fasting.Therefore kindly do something so that we can meet. Also it is an act of great merit to help two loving souls to  meet each other.”

Brahman Som Sharma took Chandrabhaga  to Rishi Vamdeva’s place near Mandarachal.Vamdev Rishi heard the entire story and chanted vedic mantras and did abhishek of Chandra bhga. Then by the power of mantras and the merits attained from the ekadashi vrat observance Chandrabhaga left her mortal body and took celestial form and went to her husband’s  place. Shobhan was delighted  to see his wife and seated her next to him on his left side, which is the traditional mentioned side for wife.

Chandrabhaga said, “O my beloved Husband! Kindly accept my punyas. I have been keeping ekadashi fast since I was eight years old at my father’s place.Your kingdom will become stable due to the merits of this fast and will stay till the end of creation.

God heard her prayers and Devpur city became stable because or the punyas of Chandrabhaga. Chandrabhaga and Shobhan , adorned with celestial garments and wealth, lived happily ever after since then.

Lord Shri Krishna said, “O King!I have told you the significance of Rama Ekadashi. Those who observe this fast their sins of Brahmahatya (Killing of Brahman-Supposed to be worst crime)and all other sins are destroyed. The Ekadshi falling in Bright and ark fortnight are equal . The people who read of listen to the story of Rama Ekadashi get infinite merit. They get rid of all their sins ad attain the abode of Lord Vishnu in the end. 

Years & Dates of this Ekadashi:

Date in 2018 – 03 November 2018, Day- Saturday || Nakshatra-  Poorva Falguni || Chandra- Kanya(Virgo)

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