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Web hosting services for beginners


Web Hosting Programs for newbies:

People who are new to blogging or just starting their websites on their own, often find it difficult to choose between the hosting  services. People after purchasing the domains from Popular domain sites like Godaddy , Bigrock etc.  are clueless about how to proceed next. Choosing a hosting service for your website is very important decision.

I believe the beginner will look at following points while deciding on the hosting services.

1. The cost factor:

Most people look for cheaper hosting options. However the cheaper always does not mean better A few extra dollars an year will not make a much difference , while the quality of the hosting provider can make or break your website operation.

2. The Security & reliability  of hosting provider:

The downtime of the internal server errors or loading time slowness can actually drive your audience away.


3. The ease of operation:

How easy it is to operate the hosting provider. The cpanel where you are managing all your files, would need to be easy. Specially if yo are a beginner will help you to operate sites. Many blogger use wordpress and a hosting providing and easy installation of wordpress is certainly a plus point for you.

4. Support staff :

More often than not the things may go wrong in your initial days of operation for your blog/website. It is very important to have a hosting provider, which can you right support. Although almost a ll hosting provider have support staff   , however the knowledge  and promptness to address the issue is of huge importance. It should be easy to access the support n case of anything goes wrong with your website

5. Valued added services :

Site back up and providing extra services like site lock protection etc , give you edge and peace of mind while operating your site. It helps all lot as it gives you some extra time to focus on you the development of your website.


Hereby I am listing a few good hosting providers with their links, which I have used for myself.


When I started with Hostgator, I found it a lot confusing with its multiple password protection policy and a little complex for a newbie.

But over the period , I started realizing the benefits and advantages of Hostgator. It is one of the most secure hosting service provider. They have multiple password protection. Installing wordpress is easy on the Hostgator. Apart from this they also allow you to install Drupal, Zoomala etc

The most delightful aspect of Hostgator has been the support staff. These guys are extremely supportive, patient, polite and knowledgeable. Even if you are too naive to understand  they will take time to explain your everything and will fix up the things within their prescribed guideline. It has always been great pleasure interacting with these guys.

The back services is good for Hostgator services. It help you also  when you face an issue with your website and have to use the restore facilities using a previous back up.

Hostgator also provide other services like Site lock and other safety mechanism to make you web management task easier.

Besides they Hostgator also provides Email, Website Traffic analysis, Domains, SSL Certificates, G Suite, SiteLock
Security, CodeGuard, Backup etc

Avail Hostgator Hosting services clicking the banner below ( India link):

Avail Hostgator Hosting services clicking the banner below ( US link):
HostGator Web Hosting



Arvixe is very simple to use hosting. Arivxe’s has biggest advantage is that it provides more advanced features for which you will have to pay more on other hosting sites. For example, their cheapest shared hosting plan has unlimited storage and bandwidth standard. They will even allow you to use up to six domain names.  They will also include free Google, Yahoo, and Bing ad credits, which is a nice added bonus if you’re already thinking about using online ads to grow your business or readership.

Biggest drawback is that once your data is compromised, it is very difficult to retrieve. I faced these issues here and I moved to Hostgator later on.

Here is the link to Arvixe


Bluehost is one of very popular hosting provider and host more tan 2 million websites currently. It is one of the mots economical shared hosting available right now.Also the security options are good which take care of most common website risks . It provides tools like SpamAssassin, Spam Experts, and Spam Hammer. Bluehost support CloudFlare, which helps prevent pesky DDoS attacks that can bring a site down with an overwhelming amount of traffic from different sources.

They also offer hot link protection (preventing people from stealing your images or content), IP address blacklists to block problematic individuals and SSH access for secure web sessions.

Drawback about Bluehost is that is the concern over  downtime & download seems to be slow at times.


This is very simple to use and  ease of operations is biggest plus point for newbies. However when you grow up a little start having slightly heavier traffic. You might face issue like internal server error and slowness of site download.

Dream uptime is a tremendous pluspoint . They claim, that they’ll provide an extra day of service for every hour of downtime your site experiences with them.Even the page download time is better than most of the competitors.

Dreamhost is has great websupport as well. They only provide chat support though but with so little downtime and great services it is still good deal. Dreamhost seems perfect for most of the beginners.

Here is the link for Dreamhost

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