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Shravan Krishna-Kamada Ekadashi


Shravan Krishna Ekadashi-Kamika/ Kamada Ekadashi

Yudhishthir , the son of Kunti and patron of Dharma asked Lord Shri Krishna,” O Lord, I have heard about Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi & the importance of Chaturmas. Now kindly tell me about the significance of Shravan Kirshna Ekadashi (Ekadashi falling in Dark fortnight of Shravan month)  month. What is the name & procedure to observe this Ekadashi? Which god is worshiped in this Ekadashi?

Lord Shri Krishna said,” O Yudhishthir, Once Lord Brahmaji told the story of this Ekadashi to Naradji, I am going to tell you the same story to you.

Once Naradji requested Brahmaji,”O Grandfather,I want to hear about the story of Shravan month dark fortnight (Kirshna paksha) Ekadashi. What is the significance of this Ekadashi. What is the name of this Ekadashi and how should we observe this?

( Here it should be noted that Naradji  is  ‘Manas putra – Son born from his mind’ , of Brahmaji but still addressing him as Grandfather because Brahmaji is considered as the Grandfather of all creation as eveyrthing is descended from the his Manas putras -First Rishis (primarily the seven Rishis of ‘Saptarshi constellation-Ursa major’) ).

Listening to the request of Naradji Shri Brahmaji said,” O Narada, you  have asked a very good question for the  benefit of all humanity. Now listen carefully.  This Ekadashi of Dark Fortnight of Shravan month( Shravan Krishna Paksha Ekadashi) is called Kamika Ekadashi. Just listening the the significance (Mahatmya) of this Ekadashi gives the merit of ‘Vajpeya Yagna’. This Ekadashi is also known as Kamada Ekadashi On this day, devotes worship Lord Vishnu’s from with Conch, Chakra(Discuss like device), Mace, Lotus in his hands. Lord Vishnu is also  known as Shridhar, Hari, Madhav, and Madhusudan. People who worship Lord on this day with incense (Dhoop), Lamp(Deep), Prasad (Naivedya-Offering of sattvic food) etc. , they earn merits more than that of bathing in Ganga, in Varanasi (Kashi), in Namisharanya & Pushkar. The Merit which is attained on the occasion of Solar or Lunar Eclipse by bathing in Kurukshetra & in Kashi(Varanasi), or bathing in holy rivers Godavari or Gandaki rivers on the Thursday with Leo Rashi (Zodiac); same merit is attained by worship of Lord Vishnu on this day of Shravan Month dark fortnight Ekadashi.


People worship all Devas, Gandharva, Sun and everyone just by worshiping  Lord Vishnu in Shravan month.   Therefore people who are afraid of sins , they should observe Kamika Ekadashi fast and worship Lord Vishnu in Shravan month. People are stuck in the mud of sins and are absorbed in the ocean of this world, They should observe this Kamika Ekadashi fast and should Worship Lord Vishnu. There is no better method than this to nullify the negative effect of sins.  People who fast on Kamika Ekadsahi and worship Lord Vishnu, they effectively worship all Vedas, Kinnars( a celestial species expert in heavenly dancing), Devine Serpents, Ancestors(Pitar) as well. Narad! Lord Vishnu has himself said  that the merits attained by practicing the science of spirituality are surpassed by the merits attained by  observing this fast of Kamika Ekadashi.

If the person observes this fast then he doesn’t see Yama, the lord of death and he thus doesn’t have go to Yamaloka or hell. This Vrata saves observer from hell.  Due to the fast on Kamika Ekadashi and staying awake at night, the observer doesn’t get a bad rebirth in lower life forms in his next incarnation.

Devotees who offer Tulasi leaves to Lord Vishnu with full devotion on this day, they stay away from sins in this world. They live in this world , but stays away from the vices of this world as Lotus stays in water but is always separate from the level of water. The merit of worshiping with Tulasi leave is equal to the 4 Bhars(a unit of weight measurement) of or 1 Bhar of Gold. Lord Vishnu is not appeased as mush by jewels, pearl, adornments, or Mani etc as he is pleased with the offering of Tulasi leaves. People who worship Lord Vishnu with Tulasi leaves, all sins if theirs are destroyed.

O Narada- I myself(Lord Brahma) bow down to Tulasi plant always. If someones wants to mitigate all his sufferings , he should water Tulasi plant always. Even having a sight of Tulasi is capable of destroying sins of humans.Person becomes pure just by touching Tulasi. People who offer Tulasi leaves with devotion Lord’s lotus feet , they get salvation. Even the Chitragupta ( the accountant of Devas) is incapable of telling the number of merits of staying awake and offering of Lamp (Deepdan- Act of flowing the lighted lamps in water. It floats). If  a person lights the lamps at night in Lord Vishnu’s temple, his ancestors of the person drink nectar (Amrit) in heaven. Those who burn the lamp with oil or Ghee t, they go the abode of Sun, illuminated by the hundred crore lamps.

Now I will tell you an old story about Kamika Ekadashi. Listen attentively.

There used toe be a Thakur (Warrior clan person) in a  village. One day he had an altercation with a Brahman(Scholarly religious  person/priest) and they had a fight. During that fight unfortunately Brahman died. Thakur was aggrieved because of this sin of Killing of Brahman. So he offered to perform the ‘Terahi'( The feast organised for general public, on 13th day after the death of person). But the other Brahmans refused to eat at his Terahi. They told Thakur that you have got a Sin of Brahmhatya ( Sin of killing a Brahman). First he should do a repentance and perform a Prayashchit(act of repentance to nullify the sin) then only we can eat at his house.”

Then Thakur asked Brahmanas.” O Bhagwan, How can I ever repent for this Sin? What should I do to get rid of this sin of Brahmhatya?

Then Brahmanas said,” You should observe the fast, worship Lord Shirdhar  on Kamika Ekadash in Shravan month,   and feed Brahmanas then only your sins will be nullified.”

Thakur observed the fast and worshiped Lord Vishnu with full devotion and clear heart. When he was sleeping near the Lord’s Idol . Lord appeared in his dream and said,” O Thakur, You sin of Brahmhatya is nullified now.You sin is removed  and you can perform his Terahi. The Sutak( A dosha of being in malignant state in the event of death of a related person) from your house is removed now.”

Thakur did exactly the same Lord Told him. He got free from the sin of Brahmhatya and went to abode of Lord Vishnu after death.

Brahmaji further said, “O Narad! Everyone should observe this Kamika Ekdashi as it is the destroyer of sins of Brahmhatya, abortion etc. The person who does this vrata , enjoys the pleasure of this world and goes to the abode of Lord Vishnu in the end. Even the person who listens or  reads this significance & story  of Kamika Ekadashi gets rid of his sins and goes to the abode of Lord Vishnu. The donation of  Land, Donation of Gold, merit of getting your daughter married all are smaller as compared to merit of worship of Lord Vishnu on Kamika Ekadashi. Person will earn glory if he listens this significance of Kamika Ekadashi.

Years & Dates of this Ekadashi:

Date in 2018 – 07 August 2018, Day- Tuesday || Nakshatra-  Rohini || Chandra- Mithun(Gemini)

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Jyesth Shukla Pakhsa/ज्येष्ठ शुक्ल पक्षNirjala Ekadashi /निर्जला एकादशी
Ashadh Krishna Paksha/आषाढ़ कृष्ण पक्षYogini Ekadashi/योगिनी एकादशी
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 Kartik Krishna Paksha /कार्तिक कृष्ण पक्षRama Ekadashi /रमा एकादशी
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Adhikmas Krishna Paksha/अधिकमास कृष्ण पक्षParama Ekadashi /परमा एकादशी
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