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Book Review: Living with the Himalayan Masters (Swami Ram)


Review of the Book “Living with the Himalayan Masters”

Living with the Himalayan Masters is written by Swami Rama and was first published in the year 1978. Sri Swami Rama was born in the divine lap of Himalaya to a pious father and mother at their very elderly age by the grace of the an accomplished Sage , who became the spiritual Guru and complete caretaker of Swami Rama in his later life. As predicted the birth of child Swami Rama, he was constantly under the spiritual supervision of his divine Guru.

Sri Swami Rama, the founder of the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, was raised in the Himalayan cave monasteries and ordained a monk in early childhood. He studied Western psychology, philosophy, and medicine in Europe and taught in Japan before coming to the United States in 1969. Here he founded the Himalayan Institute to create a bridge between the ancient teachings of the East and the modern scientific approaches of the West.


I found the following difference from the other stories of the other saints. Most of the stories I heard or read was of the people who were born in other parts of the India or other parts of the world but were not born in Himalayas. Majority of them left the comforts of the materialistic life and gave up their everything in an endeavor to achieve their final goal Realization/Liberation/Nirvana/Nirvikar Samadhi. It was for the first time I was reading a book where I could know the insides of Himalaya’s divine spiritual culture and knew much more about the social connectivity and oneness of the spiritual culture of all the local ethnic groups living in the great mountain.

The book narrates the jewels of the Indian traditions and the great heritage Himalaya possesses, which is not known largely or not known as closely, as the books brings to you. Book also dispels some myths like yeti, Snowman and Shangrila etc. Hiss book is a real classic and according to me must read for all bibliophiles who love to read on spiritual literature.

Swami Rama talks about his lief and his meetings with various sages in his life time in Himalayas. His spent 45 ears of his life in Himalayas and was a native to the Himalayan regions. Therefor he had gone deeper into those territories which are largely unknown to the outsiders. His devotion and struggle to achieve realization is and inspiring for everyone who intends to tread the spiritual path someday.


After Reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” I was skeptical about reading any other book as some of the other books have not bee so compelling read though. But I was really satisfied and greatly inspired after reading Living with the Himalayan Masters.

The miracle lovers who keep on looking to read stories filled with miracles,. There are plenty of miracle stories. But the subject matter is dealt with utter calmness and simplicity. The book is highly interesting and a great story.

Swami Rama passed away in the year 1996. I was born much before that, but I didn’t know what did I miss unless I read this book today.

Following are the rave reviews of the book by eminent personalities in literature.

“Buy this book for yourself. Each page is filled with joy and cheer. What I like best us that Swami Rama’s message does not require us to transform ourselves, it teaches that we are already perfect.” — Judith Benn Hurley, author of The Good Herb, Savoring the Day, and Healing Secrets of the Seasons

“One of the great spiritual classics of all time. An insider’s view of hidden adepts who live outside time and space as we know it, yogis and yogis who can’t possibly exist- but do!” — Linda Johnsen, author of The Living Goddess: Reclaiming the Tradition of the Mother of the Universe


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