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‘Varanasi,India: Beyond’- A perfect answer to Reza Aslan’s documentary on Aghoris on CNN


This is the time when we are discussing the controversial  show Believer with Reza Aslan on CNN. Whatever the understanding Reza had, is highly debated topic now in our media forums. It seems more likely that he deliberately tried to portray Aghoris in bad light. However we have this excellent documentary on Aghoris by two young guys from New York- Cale Glendening, Joey L., Ryan McCarney. They took time to travel to India and made a wonderful documentary on the lives and underlying philosophy of practices of Aghoris in India. Here is my review on the documentary along with the link to the authentic documentary from Cale Glendening Channel.

If you have seen Reza Aslan’s documentary, you must see this documentary as well. This is perfect and authentic answer to the false propaganda being spread about Aghoris by CNN & Reza Aslan.

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Review of Varanasi, India: “Beyond” by Cale Glendening, Joey L., Ryan McCarney:

If you are and avid spiritual traveler and keep on travelling, Chances are Varanasi may be on top of your destinations. If you are still wondering about why people travel to Varanasi, this documentary is exactly your answer.

Documentary has got a great videos and very nicely shot. Background score is very legit and adds to the aura of mystic life of Varanasi.

Documentary makes a great impact in the first scene itself where it has shows Ganges water, Ganga Arati, Cremation scene and earthen lamps floating in river. This kind of summarizes what documentary is all about. Two friends Joey & Cale started from NewYork and landed in Varanasi Via Dubai & Delhi and an overnight journey by train from Delhi to Varanasi.

Joey & Cale connect with locals and Aghoris at a very personal level and are able to strike the right chord to get the core of their (Aghori’s) thought process & philosophy recorded. Documentary features Baba Vijayanand and another Aghori Mahesh among several other Sadhus.

The striking feature of this documentary is that it it is so clear in understanding and the views from these ascetics and conveys it on screen with unparalleled mastery . This is one of the masterpieces that we should watch if want to know what Varanasi is all about.


These guys have not tried to cover up the unclean places of city yet the overall message is so strong that you tend to overlook small blemishes of city. Hats off to the Cale and Joe for excellent documentary. Especially Joe is should receive extra points for such beautiful cinematography and perseverance to stay put longer to cover up Shivaratri festival.

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