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When Tulasidasji had a Sakshat Darshan or Shri Ram at Jagannath Temple


There is a interesting story of Tulasidas when he met Lord Shri Ram in Jagannathpuri in Orissa. Jagannathpuri is a world famous temple and the English word ‘Juggernaut ‘ has been derived from Jagannath in modern times. However Jagannathpuri was a very famous temple even in the times of Tulasidas in thirteenth century as well.

This is regarding the explanation of  Chaupais of Ramcharitmanas…”Binu Pad Chalahi Sunahi Binu kana….”. I have written a separate article about the meaning of these Chaupais.

When Tulasidasji went to Jagannath puri on a pilgrimage. He saw the idol of Lord Jagannatha, which was incomplete and appeared having no clearly defined hands and legs.  Tulasidasji became very sad and thought that this half manufactured idol without any hands or legs cannot be my Lord Shri Ram.My long arduous journey to Jagannathpuri has gone in waste. In his sorrow he sat under a tree for a ling while. It became late evening after sometime and he was still sitting there lamenting and didn’t eat because without offering any food to Shri Ram he didn’t use to eat anything. Suddenly he heard a voice.A child was asking who is Tulasidas here? Tulasidas ji replied that it was him. The adorable boy with divine charm said that he has brought the prasad of Lord Jagganath for him and it was sent by Lord himself. Tulasidasji refused to take the Prasad and said that this half finished idol without hands or legs cannot be his Lord Shri Ram and since he has not offered any food to Shri Rama that day, he could not eat. Also the Prasad being offered to him as Lord Jagannath’s and it could not be offered to Lord Shri Ram now.

Then the child answered, The Lord Jagannath is Shri Ram only as he himself has described this form of Shri Ramji in his written book , Shri Ramcharimanas. The boy reminded him the Following chaupais from Shri Ramcharitmanas.

Binu pad chalahi, sunahi binu kana| Kar binu karahi karam vidhi nana ||
Ananheen sakal ras bhogi | Binu bani vakta bad jogi||


Meaning:  One who walks without foot and without hands also he is performing all kinds of tasks as he is formless Brahm. He is without face but knows the taste of everything. and without voice also he is great orator.

Tan binu paras, nayan binu dekha| grahahi ghran binu baas ashesha||
Ehi vidhi sab alaukik karani| Mahima amit jimi jai na barani ||

Meaning: He is without body or any from yet he touches everyone.Without eyes he sees everything Without nose also he scan smell everything. Thus Formless Brahm is like this whose fathomless greatness cannot be told .

Doha- Ehi Vidhi baranhi Ved Budh, Jahi dharahi Muni dhyan||
Soi Dasharath sut Bhagat hit Koshalpati Bhagwan||

Meaning: Vedas and Learned seers have told like this about the Formless Brahm , Shri Ram, The Son of Dasharath is same Param Brahm who has manifested for the goodness of devotees.

Listening to this Tulasidasji realized his grave mistake and fell down it the feet of the boy .The Boy appeared in the form of ShriRam and told him that he is himself in Lord Jagganath idol. Hanumanji is guarding the gates of temple and Vibhishan comes to meet him daily.

Lord Ram asked him to visit the temple again next morning .When Tulsidasji visited the temple again next morning, he saw Lord ShriRam, Sitaji, Laxmanji in place of Lord Jagganath, Balbhadra& Subhadra’s idols.

The Explanation of chaupais in Hindi::

बिनु पद चलहि, सुनहि बिनु काना| कर बिनु करही करम विधि नाना||आननहीन सकल रस भोगी |  बिनु बानी वक्ता बड़ जोगी||
भावार्थ : (Nirvikar Nirakar ParamBrham Bhagawan) bina pairon ke hi chalate hain, aur bina haathon ke hi sabhi prakar ke karya karte hain. Bina mukh ke hi sab rason ka swad unhe pata hai aur bina bole hi sabase bade vakta hain.

तन बिनु परस, नयन बिनु देखा| ग्रहहि घ्राण बिनु बास अशेषा||एहि विधि सब अलौकिक करनी| महिमा अमित जिमी जाई न बरनि ||
भावार्थ :  (Nirvikar Nirakar ParamBrham Bhagawan) bina sharir ke hi sabko sparsh karte hain aur bina netron ke hi sab dekhate hain. Bina nashika ke hi sab prakar ke gandhon ko pahachanate hain. Is prakar se unaki sab leela , sabhi prakar ke karya alaukik hain. logon ki samajh se upar hain. Jinaki Mahima ka vistar apaar hai aur is karan se  kahi nahi ja sakati.

Doha- एहि विधि बरनहि वेद बुध , जाहि धरही मुनि ध्यान|सोई दशरथ सुत भगत हित कोशलपति भगवान||
भावार्थ : Is prakar se jis Nirvikar Nirakar ParamBrham Bhagawan ka varan Vedon ne aur buddhiman manishiyon ne kiya hai aur Muni jinaka dhyan karte hain , unhi Nirvikar Nirakar ParamBrham Bhagawan ne Shri Ram hokar Dasharath ke putra ke roop mein bhakton ke kalyan ke liye koshalpati hokar avatar liya hai.

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