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Tea Shop near Shmashan

Tea Shop at the gates of Shmashan

Sitting near Shmashan in a tea shop cum shack and we were chatting in an late after noon among ourselves.I come here with my office colleagues. Why do we come to this God forsaken place when we have so many shops around our office. My Tech team and eve my sales ops team come her at different times of during the day.

Shmashan gate

I wonder at times what drives me to this place from my busy schedule of stressful sales job.My number are on top and I have made my mark in my job in last one year. It dawns upon me while sipping one of my favorite sugar free black tea, which is one one the other reasons why I come here , because other shops are too crowded and do not have time to make black tea on demand.I realized that I come here because of the sheer contrast of the realities I am living in. While my job is stressful and all attention seeking sales requires me to be absorbed and focused on the worldly reality one hundred percent, when I see the cremation ground here ,my subconscious gets the so obvious cue that ultimately what all anyone can do , this is where we all end up so take it easy and my mind tries to collect all the peace it can from the final destination fro our earthly bodies.

Another view -Tea shop

This is quite a contrast but it works on me every time. Here is the pic of Shmashan and the Tea shop.

Its not only who finds the our momentary break from our mundane jobs, other people visit here often too, where the soul take the break from their earthly lives for its journey to the unknown.
Enjoy your tea and small breaks of relaxation while you can.These small pieces of solaces and peace are the only treasure we actually give to ourselves.



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