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How to convert Timestamp to Date format


Guys, In our day today work with reports and excel many a times we get time as in this format:

Entry Time

If you are not having a separate column for Date explicitly you would need to decipher this timestamp value to Date format. You could use any of the following methods to convert this numeric value to date format::

A.) Now if you want to convert this data into a proper Date format you could use following formula in your excel sheet:


For example if you put value 1478001362 in place of COLUMN_ID_HERE it will first give you a value like 42675.49725 (because it is in general format ), which is then converted into date format in excel then it will give you Date output as 01-11-2016.

B.)You could also use the formula : =A1 / 86400 + 25569

C.) FOR LIBRE OFFICE you should use the following formula:



In case you are getting Error 509 in Libre office you may try and replace , by ; in the DATE() function

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