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Ram: Core of the Moral fiber of India


Ram; Ram is in character of all Indian. When it comes to looks for harmony and love for family it is Ram who is always considered as Ideal.

It is Ram was the ideal son, husband, brother and King. Ram is revered in India’s people. Whenever it comes to give and example to sacrifice of brother or determination or courage or resourcefulness it is Ram who is remembered. Ram sacrificed his throne for his brother. Ram went again all odds and gathered an army of monkies  and bears to fight against the greatest empire on his own without even asking support from his own native kingdom of Ayodhya.

Shri Ram vowed a single marriage at the time when having multiple wives for Kings was a norm. Even his Father Dasharath had three wives.


Shri Ram revived Ahilya and brought her to the loka where she was united with her husband. While Ahilya was duped, still it was considered her fault. But Shri Ram brought her dignity back to her.

Shr Ram ate the leftover berries from Shabari, when even sitting close to lower tribes was considered forbidden. While which king eats with common person without any political motive? Shri Ram had only omotive of uphelding the respect of the love of a bhakta.

Shri Ram was great friend who helped Sugriv to regain his wife and Kingdom back by removing his biggest roadblock to  the throne of Kishkindha and his mortal enemy hi own brother Bali.

Yet Ram made Bali’s son as crown prince to the throne of Kishkindha as he punished Bali as he abducted the wife of his younger brother but didn’t want to punish his son unfairly.

Sri Ram made  Vibhishana King of Lanka as his motive was only to punish the real culprit and not the common people of Lanka. Also he returned even the Pushpak Vimana to Vibhishana after reaching Ayodhya. After all who will return a marvelous piece of technology of that time after winning a war.

Shri Ram offered the throne of Ayodhya just upon knowing the cause of sadness of his father. How many sons can resist from fighting fro property even before their father demise. So much love for his brother and so much respect and over for his father.

Story of Ram helps to keep Indian ideals in place. It is often referred to denote the dutifulness for all roles. as a son , brother, husband and king. That’s why in spite of all political turmoil and social gossips, Shri Ram is still ruling the heart of the moral fiber of India.


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