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Some pictures of Western Girls in Indian attire


Some pictures of Western Girls in Indian attire

These pictures are a few of many such beautiful adaptations of Indian attire across the globe nowadays. We don’t say that anything is wrong in wearing western dresses, in fact in many cases that would be the most appropriate wears otherwise. However, there is set of Indian girls who totally despise the traditional Indian dresses like Sari and disparage their friends from wearing them.

We just wanted to say, “Hello, you might not be aware but a person can still look graceful and traditional at the same time. If you don’t like it, it is not necessary that others cannot like it too.”

It is also a sign of the fact that people abroad are adopting our traditions and respect Indian culture.

Not only they look suave in the Indian dresses but they also carry it with grace.


Indians just aping everything western should just introspect for a moment and then assess the value their own culture renders. It’s certainly worth a little more respect.

It’s bitter but it’s true, believe it!

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